AI Faceless YouTube Automation For Affiliate Marketing [FULL DEMO] Faceless YouTube Automation

AI faceless YouTube automation for Affiliate marketing is what we're going To be talking about in this video Welcome to my channel if this is your First time here I appreciate if you go Ahead and subscribe if you haven't yet And let's Jump Right In so we are going To be talking about uh creating faceless Videos for YouTube And how you can use those to earn Affiliate commissions and what we're Going to do is use some AI Um Products to go ahead and create a video Script Uh first we're gonna go find a product Then we're going to create a video Script using some AI software and then Another AI software to create the video And then after that you can upload that To your YouTube channel And get great traffic so Um what we're gonna you can find really Products from anywhere we're going to go Ahead just use Amazon as an example Because it's a huge uh platform with Tons and tons of products that you can Promote as an affiliate but you could Also get Products off of other platforms Such as ClickBank or share a sale or Sell Health Market Health there's lots And lots of them okay and a lot of times It works well is if you come into Amazon And go under their best sellers we're

Going to try and find a supplement Product okay and so then you can go into Uh health and health and household and Then Um Vitamins minerals and supplements okay And so you can then take a look and see What are these top selling supplements Right now Um so this Bloom uh nutrition green Superfood is maybe a good one is you Know number three right now Um and it costs forty dollars so you'd Obviously like to get a higher since the Commissions are paid a little lower on Amazon it's nice if you can get a Product that's maybe a little higher so Let's open this product up let's take a Look at it and then you can do a little Bit of research too if you want so let's Say you know we take the oops the Product name And we're gonna I'm gonna open up a Incognito window oops Let's do that and you can see I put that In already and searched for it and Obviously there's a lot of ads that come Up here's an ad here's Amazon but you Can see there's not really any videos And so if you can make a good quality Video then you can get a video to Actually rank on the first page now you See the video is way down here but you Could get one near the top or even end

Up here and if we go into our Incognito YouTube channel and we put in and search On it You can see there really isn't a video That's uh here in the top you know until You get until you get to this third one That talks about this specific product Okay and so you can see there are some Some videos but if I have tons of views So you probably could rank uh well for This if you need help with learning how To rank videos I'm going to leave some Description links in the description box Down below Um for some of the products that we're Talking about in this video and also if You need help ranking on YouTube I'll Leave a description a link for a course That shows you how to do that All right so let's jump back over okay So you'd get your affiliate link and Your affiliate link is what you would Put in the description box down below We're going to go ahead and head on over To Chat gbt this is an AI software that can Help you create a video script Um and then what you can do Is you know you want to give us some Input so write a you YouTube Review Video script for this Product And then let's put that in there

Um Oops oh sorry Hit enter Let's go and stop that Um I should have hit control shift Control shift enter sorry let's try that Again Boom and then shift enter Because that will Um Will allow you to Enter more information without it Continue to record okay so use the Following information In this Video script And then again shift enter and then you Can go back to the Amazon page And uh you know this is some good Information here right you can use that If you scroll down further they may have Some other you know information that you Could uh copy as well Well you know so again they got a little Bit oh this that's the ingredient list Um yeah so that is kind of it let's go Back and we'll to the top and we will Put in This information Okay [Music] Um There we go I'm going to put right this

Script in A per Persuasive Persuasive Tone okay so now let's go ahead and hit Enter oh Try okay let's try it again uh this Happens sometimes With chat gbt okay it might be Um let's just go back and take this Information Let's see sometimes again chat GPT there Is You know so popular that sometimes you Get it gets bogged down okay so yeah so It's going to start here Um So yeah so actually this is good we mean It needed all the um information That we got off of Amazon but you can Use this and you can put it into chat Gbt and it will use it okay so while This is finishing let me go ahead and Head over this is the software we're Going to use is called Pick 3 and again There'll be a link in the description Box down below so here I'm logged into Picture we're going to take up here we Go so we are going to Take this script that it created And we are going to go into picture We're going to do script to video we're Going to paste that script in here and I'm going to pause the video while I

Take a minute and just kind of Clean this up a little bit so it'll make A better video and then I will be right Back Okay so you can see I just went through And kind of broke this up so it'll make A new scene for every line break that I Have in the script and that's kind of The next thing just go to scene settings And we want a new scene for every line Break now we're going to click to Proceed and this is where you can see All these different templates that you Can choose from if you hover over it You'll see the way the words come in Or they might just stay there they might Be set so we need lots and lots of Choices and you can change any of the Backgrounds the fonts Etc okay so any of these things can be Changed I'm just going to go ahead and Go with this one and we're doing a YouTube video so we'll leave it on that Ratio and now what it's going to do is Pick 3 is going to go out and find Appropriate video clips to go with the Script and then once that comes up I'm Going to show you how you can go through Each of the scenes and change out those Video clips if you need to I'll show you How you can change the text the color of The font Etc how you can hide text if You want to and also you'll be able to Make other edits okay so here we are

Inside the editor and just a quick your Your menus on the left side over here Where you have all your options to do Things Right now in the story this is where you Can see all your scenes scene one scene Two Scene Three you can also see the Scenes down below the main video box Here scene one scene two scene three Scene four Etc and so if there's something you want To change as far as the background then You can go to the visual section okay And you can choose so here it's hey guys It's your favorite health and wellness Enthusiast here so maybe we'll change This yoga pose over here Okay so maybe that looks a little better And then also let's say you want to Change the text if you click on the tax Now this editor box or this line came up And let's say we want to use Uh Poppins bold as the font so it just Changed it and maybe we want to make it A little bit smaller and so it changed That and then you can change pretty much Anything up here okay but you do want to Click apply to all so it makes those Changes throughout the entire video and Then basically you can scroll through The scenes with the arrows here or just Choosing them down below and you just Want to go ahead and change Um

The backgrounds if you want to okay Another exciting product review and so Maybe Um again this could be You know you can so you can search for Terms over here Um Or you could make something just kind of Related Health Um Able to choose this one and so you just Go through one by one and change any of The backgrounds that you want to in the Video you can add elements I don't do Too much with these but they have Stickers gifs and emojis that you can Put on the video if you want now audio You can add background music they have Over 15 000 tracks that you can choose From and you can preview them it a lot Of times we'll choose one for you and It's applied with your voice over You can use the built-in voiceovers uh AI voices that they have usually I like To use this one so I'm going to go ahead And apply that but you can search all These different again preview if you Like and you can also upload your own Voiceover if you make your own voiceover Or have someone do it for you you can Upload that as well as upload background Music on your audio settings the Background music usually you're going to Want to lower that you know so it does

Lower it to 10 percent when you have a Voiceover and then you can also make any Other changes over here to your text Your Styles if you have branding if you Have a logo maybe you want to add and Then finally the format you do want to Make sure it's a 1080p when you download It now once you've gone through this and You have it exactly the way you want You can click on preview and it's going To go ahead and generate a preview of The video that you can watch make sure It looks exactly the way you want it to Then it sounds the way you want it to And that everything is ready to go and Once everything is good then you just Generate the video it's going to create An mp4 file that you upload to your YouTube channel and make sure you add Your affiliate link your Amazon Affiliate Link in the description box Below the video so people can go to that Okay so it's pulling up the preview here So it may be hard to hear but it sounds Good And you can see how it looks now again You change anything you need to so if There's anything you don't care for in It as you watch through it You can go back to the editor and make Any changes that you need to in the Editor so that is it that is how you can Use products whether it's from Amazon Um

Share a sale wherever you can use a chat GPT to come up with scripts now there's Other ways to come up with scripts as Well I also use article Forge and Sometimes I even use plr products but Chat GPT makes it super easy to come up With a good script and then use Pick 3 To generate the video and you can make These very quickly and get them uploaded To YouTube and start getting free Traffic from YouTube and earning those Affiliate commissions so thanks very Much for watching please leave a thumbs Up if you liked it look at the links in The description box down below for the Different products I talked about in the Video and please subscribe if you Haven't thanks again

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