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Today we're going to dive into the Exciting world of autopilot email Collection and show you how you can make A whopping 86 dollars for every email You collect completely for free With this method you can eventually earn Money without even lifting a finger you Don't need any fancy skills or Experience just your laptop and an Internet connection literally anybody Can do this and I'll be breaking down Exactly what you need to do step by step In this video so be sure to pay close Attention right until the end because I Don't want you to miss a single Important money making detail let's get Right into it so when it comes to making Money online one of the most popular Ways to do so is through affiliate Marketing affiliate marketing is Essentially when you promote products For a company and you make a commission For each sale that is made through your Promotion You can think about affiliate marketing As you making a recommendation to Someone to purchase a good or service And if that person takes you up on your Recommendation you get a cut of the sale What's great about this is that you Don't have to deal with creating the Product or running the service yourself Which can be boring and complicated you Just help with making sales and this can

Be super profitable and if you're Looking for a great affiliate program to Join get response is definitely one Worth checking out Step one search for the get response Affiliate program so the first step in This money making method is to search For the get response affiliate program On Google Chrome and click on the Website once you're on their site you'll Quickly see why get response is such a Great choice for affiliate marketers You'll notice that they describe Themselves as one of the most complete And well-known email marketing and Marketing automation platforms out there This is a great start because it means That they have a good reputation in the Industry and are likely to have a high Conversion rate One thing that really caught my eye on Their website is the phrase grow with One of the most complete and well-known Email marketing and marketing automation Platforms That's because it shows that not only Can you make money as an affiliate for Get response but you can also improve Your own skills and expertise in the Field of email marketing and marketing Automation this is a huge benefit Because it means that you can use this Opportunity to not only make money but Also to improve your own business or

Career prospects Another important thing to note is that The get response affiliate program Offers recurring commissions this means That every time someone you refer to Their platform makes a purchase you'll Earn a commission on that purchase every Single month So for example if someone you refer Signs up for a 100 per month plan you'll Earn 25 per month as long as they remain A paying customer this can add up to a Significant amount of passive income Over time Once you've familiarized yourself with The benefits of the get response Affiliate program it's time to sign up First you'll need to head on over to the Get response website and use the search Button at the top of the page to search For affiliate this should bring up a few Results but the first one you'll want to Click on is the get response recurring Affiliate program sign up link This will take you to a page where you Can create your affiliate account once You're on the affiliate signup page You'll need to fill out some basic Information about yourself and your Website if you have one this will Include things like your name email Address and website URL Once you've filled out all of the Required information and submitted your

Application you'll need to click the Create account button to finalize your Sign up To complete the activation process you Should check your email inbox for a Message from get response this message Should contain a link that you'll need To click on in order to verify your Email address and activate your account If you don't see the email in your inbox Make sure to check your spam or junk Folder in case it was filtered there by Mistake Once you've clicked on the verification Link in the email your account should be Activated and you should be able to Start using get response right away So let's imagine that 5 000 people visit Your affiliate page and only two percent Of them end up purchasing the product or Service you're promoting that means that 100 people have made a purchase through Your affiliate link Now let's say that the service you're Promoting pays out a commission of one Hundred dollars per sale and it's a Recurring commission meaning that you Earn that commission every time the Customer renews their subscription in This case your potential earnings would Be ten thousand dollars per month as You'd be making 100 sales at one hundred Dollars each for 12 months of course This is just an estimate and your actual

Earnings will depend on a variety of Factors such as the quality of your Marketing efforts the interest level of Your audience and the effectiveness of The product or service you're promoting But overall just look at how much money You could be earning with this step two Promote your get response link on Reddit So now you must be wondering how you can Promote get response well once you've Logged into the affiliate program you Should see your link at the bottom and All you have to do is click the copy Link button now head over to Reddit Is a massive online community where People come to ask questions share Information and connect with others who Share their interests with millions of Active users it's an excellent platform For promoting your affiliate link and Reaching a large audience To promote your get response link on Reddit you'll need to find relevant Subreddits which are specialized Communities within the larger reddit Website for example you might want to Look for subreddits related to marketing Entrepreneurship or online business Step 3 reply to questions on Reddit so Let's go to the search box on Reddit and Type in which is the best landing page Builder this should bring up a list of Posts and questions related to landing Page Builders this is your opportunity

To provide helpful information and Promote your affiliate Link at the same Time One way to do this is by using the help Of a chat bot like chatgpt Chat Bots like this use artificial Intelligence to understand questions and Provide helpful answers By using chat GPT to help you answer Questions you can quickly provide Valuable information to people who are Looking for advice on landing page Builders When you reply to questions be sure to Provide genuine and helpful information Don't just Spam your affiliate link in Every post or comment you make instead Focus on answering the question at hand And providing additional information That could help the person make an Informed decision when it makes sense to Do so you can include your affiliate Link in your responses for example if Someone asks for a recommendation for a Landing page builder that integrates With their email marketing software you Could recommend get response and include Your affiliate link by doing this you Increase the chances that the person Will click on your link and make a Purchase which means more commissions For you When you're promoting your affiliate Link on Reddit it's super important to

Keep in mind that your responses won't Only be seen by the person who asked the Initial question but also by a huge Audience That means even if the person doesn't Click on your affiliate link there's Still a chance that someone else who Reads your response will be interested In what you have to say and click on Your link This is where providing valuable and Helpful information comes into play Regardless of whether the person who Asked the question ultimately makes a Purchase or not so the more helpful and Informative your response is the more Likely people are to trust your Expertise and follow your link to make a Purchase remember when it comes to Promoting your affiliate link on Reddit It's not just about making sales it's About building trust and establishing Yourself as a knowledgeable person in Your field by providing value you'll Increase your chances of making a sale And growing your business in the long Run so take the time to craft thoughtful And informative responses and you'll see The benefits in your affiliate Commissions Remember making money online takes Effort and hard work but with the right Tools and strategies it's definitely Achievable and that's a wrap if you

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