Autopilot System To Earn $500/Hr With NEW Affiliate Marketing APP For Beginners in 2023

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Affiliate marketing can be one of the Easiest ways to make money online Because you don’t actually have to build A product yourself you don’t have to do Shipping customer support or anything Like that but if you don’t have the Right systems in place it can also be One of the hardest ways to make money Online so that’s why inside of this Video I want to show you one of the best Ways to set up a system in place in Order to get paid hundreds of dollars Every single day with affiliate Marketing so that you don’t have to Build your own product you don’t have to Deliver any service you don’t have to Worry about customer support or any of That hard stuff so if that sounds good Enough then make sure to drop a like Down below and all the things that we Will be discussing inside of this video Will be linked in the description box Down below and anyways affiliate Marketing is as you probably already Know something that I’ve been using for Years and years to make hundreds in some Cases thousands of dollars every single Day using many different platforms but In order to set up this assistant today We will be using a tool that’s called a System over the and I will Also leave a link to it in the Description box down below so that you Can sign up for completely free and this

Is an actual tool that will help us set Up all the systems in place so that you Can actually make passive income with Affiliate marketing and is Actually very similar to click funnels But in my personal opinion it’s a lot Better it’s a way better tool it’s way Easier to use and it’s also cheaper I Mean you can also get started for Completely free by literally just Entering your email address inside of This box and then click on get my free Account and you will sign up to in order to start building Your affiliate marketing system now After signing up to what you Want to do is you want to find some Affiliate offer if you promote and that Offer can be from any platform like ClickBank it can also be from it can be from Literally any Marketplace of your choice I’m going to be using Warrior plus as an Example for this tutorial Warrior plus Is a platform where you can find a lot Of different make money online type of Offers so different software will help People with making money online and Affiliate marketing so we can go through The affiliate section over here go to Affiliate offers and then we can start Browsing different offers and we also Have a lot of useful data here on Warrior plus itself like we can see the

Conversion rate we can see the visitor Value the average sale at the refund Rate which is in my opinion one of the Most important things because you don’t Want to promote something it has a Refund rate it’s like more than five Percent because that means that people Are not really satisfied with that offer With that product so you don’t want to Be promoting something like that and as You can see these are all good ones like This is zero percent refund rate one Percent four percent few percent and you Can check out what actually are you Promoting you can open up one of these Offers and most important thing is that They actually have the JV page which is Going to be right over here so you can Also preview the sales page here but the JV page is here and the JV page is your Affiliate page where you can find a lot Of useful data and the useful data that We are looking for is actual emails that We can use like copy paste emails let’s See if we can find some over here and I Think we have we can check out the email Swipes here seems like this one yeah but Honestly this is not as high quality as I would expect so I will just turn it Off and I will just try to find a Different offer so let’s see let’s try This one over here so I’m going to open Up this offer it’s going to take us to The next page we can once again check

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Out the JV page where we are looking for Email swipes and it seems like that for This offer we do actually have email Swipes that we can copy and paste and This is perfect so once you find an Offer that you want to promote there’s Going to be a button that’s going to say Sign up for this offer or request to Promote this offer you just click on That and then basically you will request To promote that offer after after some Time after 12 hours 24 hours you should Get accepted and then you will see your Affiliate link that’s going to look Something like this then you can copy Your affiliate link and you will start Working on setting up your systems so For the step number three this is Extremely important step you want to Find some freebies that you can give Away to people for incentive to actually Sign up through your affiliate link and In order to actually activate your System then we will set up later on now In this case a lot of people will tell You that you should go ahead and you Should give away some free ebooks or Something like that but honestly it’s 2022 I don’t think there’s too many People that will be interested in Reading a book because it’s really Boring there’s a lot more exciting ways To learn nowadays than reading a book or Especially reading an ebook like that

That’s extremely externally rare that Anyone is interested in an ebook so Instead of that you can go over to disk which is a platform where you Can find a lot of different free courses Actual video courses that you can get For completely free so you can go to the Search bar and whatever offer you’re Promoting whether that offer is about a Weight loss and fitness whether that Offer is about fishing whether it’s About business and crypto and nfts Whatever it might be you can just go to The search bar you can search for a Course that that’s related to that Whether that’s once again about Fitness You can type in a fitness course and you Should be able to find some courses that Are absolutely free so I’m going to Search for affiliate marketing because As I said most of those offers from Warrior plus are related to affiliate Marketing and making money online and You can see and most of these courses Are zero dollars they’re absolutely free So I’m gonna click on this one affiliate Marketing for beginners and you will be Able to see that we can take this course For completely free so here’s a link Here’s a course coupon where you can get This course for absolutely free so this Is a freebie that I’m gonna be giving Away to people there’s an incentive for Them to actually sign up through my link

So what do you have with you for the Next step is log in into your Account so after signing up you just Want to log in once again a link to will be in the description box Down below and as you log into your Account you want to go through the Funnels section right over here and then You want to click on create funnels so Click on create over here and you can Give it a name in this case I’m just Going to type in affiliate marketing Course and my goal is to build an Audience because we want to set up a System click on build an audience select US dollar in this case and click on Create to create a new funnel now that’s Going to take you to the next page where You can start browsing different Templates that we can use so they have a Lot of different down for you templates That you can integrate with one click of A button select whichever you like and You can go with that so I’m just going To browse a little bit and see what will Be suitable for me inside in this case And what could possibly be the best Funnel for me so I’m probably gonna go With this one so we’ll just click on Select and that will open up that Template so we can start customizing This and I’m going to show you how Simple and easy it is to actually use to set up your systems so

Basically you can also change the name Over here and then click on this button Over here to edit the page so that’s Going to take you the page builder where You can start customizing everything With literally just one click of a Button so if you want to change this Text all you got to do is double click On that and you can say for example get A free affiliate marketing course and I Will just click on here sign up in 60 Seconds and get a free affiliate Marketing course that’s gonna be the sub Headline and by the way if you want to Customize all these different colors you Can literally just press this button Over here you can customize the font Size the actual font the background Colors the color of the text you can Make it bold italic whatever that might Be so it’s fully customizable and it’s Pretty easy and simple to use all of These tools so the massive call to Action over here is basically going to Be learn affiliate marketing in less Than an hour and then everything you’re Going to learn in the affiliate Marketing program and then basically I Can just type in some of the different Points that are inside of that course That I’m giving away for a phrase so This is not about the product that we’re Promoting this is not about the warrior Plus offer this is about the course that

perpetual income 728

We are giving away for free the freebie That we want to give away so you can of Course customize all of these stacks and Whatnot but what I’m going to do right Now is I’m going to customize this on The right hand side so that when someone Actually submits their email address it Triggers the system in order to help you Make money online so you can now just Save changes for this page and if you Want to preview the Page by the way you Can just click on this preview button And it’s going to take you to the actual Preview page where you can see exactly What you’ve made so in my case it says Get a free affiliate marketing course Sign up in 60 seconds and then they can Sign up over here by entering their First name their last name their email Address and click on join now that’s all Good but in order to actually set up the System what you have to do is you have To exit this page click on exit and then Go through contacts right over here and Click on tags now once you end up at the Tags section you will create a new tag I’m just going to say free digital Course in this case and click on save so That’s going to be our tag now you want To go back to your funnels and then you Want to find that funnel affiliate Marketing course inside of it in this Case and click on automation rules right Over here click on add a rule and click

On funnels tab from subscribe then click On Save Rule now click on add an action And click on add a tag right over here And then select the tag which is going To be free digital courses I mean in This case it really depends on what type Of offer you’re promoting and what is That name of your attack now with that Out of the way you just want to go Through automations and click on Workflows right over here and that’s Going to take you to the workflows Section where you can create a brand new Workflow inside of this case in this Case I’m just going to type in affiliate Marketing course and click on Save and Now this is probably the most important Step now you just want to open up that Workflow that you just made you click on That and this is a place where you’re Actually going to be setting up that System that system that is going to Allow you to make money with affiliate Marketing on a complete autopilot this Is how you automate everything so you Want to create your first trigger and Then click on choose a trigger click on Tag edit and select the tag that you Literally just made I’m going to click On Create and this is going to be it so Now I’m going to click on the plus icon And I’m going to click on action choose An action which is going to be sending An email so send an email and click on

Create a new email now the subject line Of this email is basically going to be Congratulations for example here’s your Free course so when someone actually Submits their email address in the Website that we made on the page that we Made they submit the email address to Get a free course that we got from disk Udemy they will actually trigger our System which is going to start working For you so click on Save and edit email And as you do that you will start Writing the email which can basically Just be hey and then use this code right Over here for a substitute for their Name so that’s going to be changed into Their actual name whatever they enter on The website hey and then their name Let’s say hey Dave congratulations you Can access your free gift here and then I’m just gonna highlight this text I’m Gonna make it bold you can also change The the colors of the tag so let’s say For example I want to make it blue and I Want to make this a hyperlink so you Will just click on that link select the Link URL a link type to be the URL and Then go back to disk udemy and copy that Coupon code for a hundred percent off For some course for some digital product That you want to give away as an Incentive so you will just click on OK So when they start reading this this Email they will see the call to action

They can click on that and they can get Their free free course now below that The most important part if you want like For example if that offer is about my it Is it’s like a done for you affiliate Marketing product that I found on then what I’m basically Going to say is I’m just going to type In but if you want my theme and I to set Up the entire affiliate marketing Business for you then make sure to apply Here and then maybe you can add some Scarcity by saying there’s actually just Limited spots where this offer is going To expire or something like that so I Might say like please keep in mind that There are only nine spots left and maybe I’m just gonna make this red just as a Sense of urgency and make sure to Highlight this text I’m gonna make it Bold and I’m gonna hyperlink this and Add my warrior plus affiliate link so I’m going to copy my link from Warrior Plus paste that here and click OK and Then I’m just gonna sign myself off by Saying let’s say sincerely Dave in this Case and I’m Gonna Change to automatic Or the black all right here we have it Now I’m just going to click on Save and That will be the first step of our System so here it is here’s how we are Setting this up so if you don’t Understand yet it’s basically the system Where people submit their email address

On the page that we previously made to Get a free course they trigger the System they triggered the algorithm to Send them an email which is going to say This is all automatic congratulations Here’s your free course person they get The free course but they also see a call To action for their water plus product That we are promoting but even if they Don’t purchase right away it doesn’t Matter we now have their email so we can Continue targeting them and we can Continue sending them emails until they Eventually start buying different Products from us so basically I can Create a new call to action I create a New action select send an email and I’m Going to create a new email and let’s See we can actually get some of these That are done for your emails from Warrior plus so I’m going to copy the Subject line and I’m gonna paste the Subject line here click on Save and edit Email and then I’m gonna go back and I’m Gonna copy the body of the email so it’s Gonna look something like this as you Can see it’s a pretty long email which Is great so I’m gonna copy all of this And make sure to replace every single One of those spots with your affiliate Link so here we have it basically I’m Just gonna highlight this part and then Make it a hyperlink so don’t forget to Attach your affiliate link so that

People can actually click on it and so That you can make money off of it so I Will click on OK and then I will just Continue doing that so I will just Highlight this text click on hyperlink Add my link over there then I’m also Going to attach my affiliate link here And pretty much continue viewing that so While someone is reading this email they Can click on that they can click on that Text which will redirect them to Warrior Plus where they if they purchase the Product I will earn a commission as an Affiliate so now just click on Save and You can continue doing that with all These different swipes that are Available at your disposal using Whatever offer it is that you are Promoting you can set up all of these Different systems for literally any type Of offer whether that’s an offer from Digistore about weight loss and fitness Whether that’s some offer from ClickBank That helps people lose weight fast Whatever it is you can just find some Offers find email swipes or write those Emails yourself and set up a system like I just showed you so now we can check Out our funnel once again I’m going to Click on the funnel to the preview the Funnel it’ll look something like this we Are sending people to this website over Here so I’m going to copy this link so We need to drive traffic to this actual

Link where people can see that they can Get a free affiliate marketing course They all you got to do is enter their First name their last name their email Address and click on join now and as They view that they will trigger the Algorithm which will start working for You it will trigger the system which Will start sending them emails until They actually start buying different Products from you and you start earning Affiliate commissions so now your job is To start sending people to this website To this page over here where you’re Promoting a free affiliate marketing Course or whatever it is that you are Promoting for free you’re giving away Something for free you’re giving away a Freebie so one of the ways that you can Promote this for completely free is to Use a platform called anyword you can go Over to which is a tool That will actually write articles for You now don’t worry you don’t need a Blog or anything like that basically the Reason I’m showing you this is because There is another platform that you can Use for completely free to get a lot of Traffic with these articles that you can Generate with anywhere so what you can Do is you can just click on blog wizard Click on new blog post and then your Blog post you’re just gonna type in Whatever the blog post is going to be

About in this case I’m going to say five Ways to make money with affiliate Marketing and then I’m gonna click on Next and they will generate a title for Our article so everything is pretty much Done for you from this point and I’m Going to show you exactly how you can Copy and paste if you get some traffic For that website that we made with and then it will generate an Outline for you once they generate an Outline let’s say for example I really Like this one I’m going to click on next Level will generate an infra paragraph And you will use that intro paragraph For the rest of the entire blog post Story article that’s going to be written For you so I’m going to select the first One it doesn’t have the best score but I’m just going to go with the first one As an example click on continue to Editor click on generate and that will Generate each of these sections so all You got to do is basically just press Button to generate each section which is In my opinion dump because they could Have just made one button where you just Click generate and generates all the Different sections but right now you’ve Got to do it manually you’re going to Click generate generate and generate and Then you’re pretty much done so you’re Gonna click generate five different Times in this case so I’m going to click

On generate and the last button that I Gotta click is this one after it loads And here we now have a full article that Talks about five proven ways to make Money with affiliate marketing now I can Copy this entire article by pressing on This button right over here and then in Order to get traffic all I gotta do is Go over to which is a Platform that’s being visited by a few Up to 3 million in people every single Month so you just want to sign up to Vocal dot media this is a platform where People come to read different articles And stories and blog posts and then you Can click on create a story if you post Your own article and then you can enter The title but before that I’m just going To paste that that blog post that we Made and I’m gonna take the title out of It and I’m gonna paste it here five Proven ways to make money with affiliate Marketing and then you can start reading About five program ways to make money With affiliate marketing but as they’re Reading that I’m gonna say click here to Get a free affiliate marketing course so I’m not promoting anything I’m not being Salesy and pushy I’m just giving away Something for completely free so I’m Gonna make this bold in order to stand Out and then I’m gonna go back and I’m Gonna copy my link or the funnel that I Made and I’m gonna paste that link here

And I’m just gonna copy the same call to Action and have it on multiple places so I’m gonna copy this paste it here then Paste it here as well so as they’re Reading the article I don’t want them to Miss on this call to action I don’t want Them to miss on the link where they can Get a free affiliate marketing course so Now you can just click on Save changes And publish this to so that People can start reading about five Proven ways to make money able to Affiliate marketing as they read that They will click on this button to get a Free course they will take them to this Page where they can see that they can Get a free course about affiliate Marketing as you can see you get a free Affiliate marketing course they enter Their first name email address to get The free course they click on join now That triggers the system on the back end Which starts sending them emails they Get a free course but in the return we Get their email address so we can start Targeting them and start sending them Different products and different Affiliate links or they can purchase Something and you get to earn an Affiliate commission so yeah that’s how You can set up a fully automated Affiliate marketing system using which once again will be Linked in the description box down below

I really hope you got some value out of This video if you did make sure to drop A like to it down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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