Best Way to Make Money with Fiverr & AI (Without Skills) 2023

Are you tired of scrolling through Endless job listings searching for the Perfect way to make some extra cash Well I've got the solution you've been Looking for In this video I'll show you the best way To make money with Fiverr and Ai and the Best part is you don't even need any Fancy skills or experience I'll be Taking you through everything you need To know step by step so be sure to pay Close attention over these next minutes Because I don't want you missing out on Any important money making details let's Get into it okay so have you ever Listened to a podcast and found yourself Distracted by the background noise or Poor audio quality it can really detract From the listening experience and make It difficult to focus on the content but Don't worry because Adobe podcast has The solution you've been searching for Adobe podcast has an incredible AI tool That is designed to enhance audio Quality and remove background noise Making it sound as if it was recorded by A professional and the best part is it's Incredibly easy to use all you need to Do is upload your audio file to the Website and the AI technology takes care Of the rest but how does it work you Might be wondering Well the AI tool uses a combination of Noise reduction algorithms and audio

Enhancement techniques to clean up your Audio and give it a professional Edge it Can remove background noise like humming Or static balance out audio levels and Even add Clarity to voices and Instruments not only is this tool Incredibly effective but it's also a Huge Time Saver imagine having to Manually clean up your audio files or Pay for expensive Professional Services Every time you record a podcast or video With Adobe podcast all you need is a few Clicks and your audio is good to go And the best part by using this tool you Can offer high quality audio services to Clients and customers all without the Need for expensive equipment or Technical expertise Whether you're looking to start your own Podcast or offer audio editing Services Adobe podcast is an invaluable tool to Have with you so now that you know all About this incredible AI tool let's dive Into step one Step one sign up for Adobe podcast first Things first you'll need to head over to website and create An account don't worry it's a simple and Straightforward process that only takes A few minutes once you're on the home Page look for the sign in button in the Top right corner of the screen if you Don't already have an adobe account You'll need to create one by clicking on

The sign up link below the login Fields You'll be prompted to enter your name Email address and create a password once You've filled out all the required Information click on sign up to create Your account Next you'll need to verify your email Address Adobe will send you an email with a Verification link simply click on the Link to confirm your email address and Activate your account once your account Is activated you're ready to start using The Adobe podcast AI tool from the home Page click on the audio cleanup button To upload your audio file the tool will Analyze the audio and apply the Necessary enhancements to improve its Quality to give you an idea of how the Tool Works let's record a sample audio In a noisy environment and test it out For this example let's say we're Recording a podcast episode in a crowded Coffee shop we'll use our smartphone to Record the audio which is bound to pick Up a lot of background noise from the People and machines around us after Recording the audio we'll upload it to Adobe podcast and let the AI tool do its Magic within seconds the tool will Analyze the audio and apply enhancements To remove background noise and balance Out the levels and voila we're left with A clean professional sounding recording

That's free from distractions of course You don't have to record your own audio To test out the tool Adobe podcast also Offers a sample audio file that you can Upload to see how the tool works this is A great option if you don't have any Noisy recordings on hand but still want To see the difference the tool can make Step 2 sell it as a service Fiverr is a popular platform for Freelancers to offer their services but With its popularity comes a lot of Competition it can be tough to Stand Out Among the thousands of other Freelancers Offering similar Services that's why We're going to use Sprout gigs a Platform that has less competition and a More targeted audience Sprout gigs is a platform that connects Freelancers with clients who are looking For specific Services it's a newer Platform than Fiverr which means there's Less competition and it's easier to get Noticed plus Sprout gigs has a section Specifically for audio Services which Makes it a great place to sell your Adobe enhanced audio services to get Started we'll head over to and create a profile from There we can create a gig that outlines Our services and sets a price It's important to be clear about what We're offering for example we might Offer to enhance one minute of audio for

A set price or we might offer a package Deal for multiple recordings Once our gig is set up we can start Promoting it to potential clients Sprout gigs has a built-in system for Promoting gigs but we can also promote Our services on social media through Email Outreach or by reaching out to Potential clients directly The beauty of this method is that we Don't need any technical expertise or Expensive equipment we're simply using Adobe podcast to enhance our audio Recordings and Sprout gigs to sell our Services to clients The great thing about offering services Online is that there is a huge demand For them with so many people creating Content these days from podcasts to YouTube videos there's a need for high Quality audio to make that content stand Out and when it comes to offering audio Enhancement services the demand is Definitely there in fact on Fiverr there Are thousands of orders for audio Enhancement services in the niche so What does this mean for us it means that There's a lot of potential to make money By offering our services on platforms Like Sprout gigs with the high demand For audio enhancement services we can Expect to see a steady stream of orders Coming in once we start promoting our Gig

Step 3 create a gig on Sprout gigs Creating a gig on Sprout gigs is a great Way to Showcase your audio enhancement Services to potential clients It's important to make sure your gig Stands out from the competition and Clearly communicates the benefits of Your services When creating your gig it's helpful to Use chat GPT to create a compelling Title and description that clearly Communicates what you offer for example You might write a title like Professional audio enhancement for your Podcast or YouTube video and a Description that explains how you can Help clients improve the sound quality Of their recordings it's also a good Idea to include examples of your work Such as before and after audio samples That demonstrate the difference your Services can make This can help potential clients Understand the value of your services And make them more likely to place an Order Step 4 use Adobe podcast to fulfill the Services so you've created your gig on Sprout gigs and you've started to get Some orders now it's time to fulfill Those orders and deliver high quality Audio enhancements to your clients Thankfully Sprout gigs makes it easy to Manage your orders and deliver your

Services whenever you receive an order You'll receive a notification and can Easily access the order details from Your dashboard Once you've reviewed the order details And confirmed that you're able to Fulfill the request it's time to get to Work on enhancing the audio you'll want To use Adobe podcast to apply your audio Enhancement skills and make sure the Final product meets your clients Expectations when you've completed the Audio enhancement it's time to deliver The final product to your client Sprout gigs makes this process simple Just upload the audio file to the site And mark the order as complete the Client will then receive the final Product and have the opportunity to Leave a review of your services Step 5 offer your services to podcast Owners to extend your reach you can also Contact random podcast owners on YouTube And offer them your services this can be A bit intimidating at first but don't Worry with a little bit of preparation And the help of chat GPT to write your Message you'll be ready to start Pitching your services to potential Clients first you'll want to find Podcasts on YouTube that could benefit From your audio enhancement services Look for channels that produce regular Podcast content and that have a

Substantial number of views and Subscribers you can also use YouTube Search and filter features to find Podcasts in specific niches or topics Once you've found some potential clients It's time to craft a message that will Grab their attention and make them Interested in your services this is Where chat GPT can be incredibly helpful Simply provide the AI with some basic Information about your services and your Target audience and let it generate a Compelling message for you It's also important to personalize your Message as much as possible Address the podcast owner by name if Possible and mention any specific Details about their Channel or content That caught your attention Finally don't forget to include a call To action in your message encourage the Podcast owner to check out your gig on Sprout gigs and to get in touch with any Questions or inquiries and just like That you'll have clients and the money Will be rolling in remember there's a High demand for this type of service so Why not give it a shot and if you're Feeling stuck on how to write your gig Description just turn to chat GPT for Some creative inspiration if you found This video useful don't forget to like Comment and subscribe and I'll see you Again next time

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