Create a FACELESS Instagram Theme Page RE-USING VIDEOS (Affiliate Marketing $500k+ Yearly)

Are you looking to create a FACELESS Instagram Theme Page and re-use videos to boost your Affiliate Marketing earnings to over $500k yearly? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will dive deep into the strategies and techniques you need to know in order to successfully create and manage a captivating Instagram Theme Page that will drive consistent revenue through affiliate marketing. So, grab your notepad and let’s get started on this exciting journey together!


Are you tired of the traditional ways of making money and looking for a unique and creative opportunity? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the exciting world of creating a faceless Instagram theme page and reusing videos to earn over $500k yearly through affiliate marketing. This innovative approach allows you to monetize your Instagram account while maintaining anonymity. So, grab your smartphone, bookmark this page, and let’s get started!

The Power of a Faceless Instagram Theme Page

A faceless Instagram theme page is an account that focuses solely on a specific theme or niche without revealing the identity of the account owner. This anonymity allows you to explore a wide range of niches and create content without the limitations of personal branding. It opens the doors to endless possibilities for affiliate marketing, viral videos, and passive income.

Choosing Your Niche and Creating Captivating Content

To start your journey to $500k+ yearly earnings, it’s crucial to choose a niche that aligns with your interests and has a broad audience. Popular niches include fitness, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and finance. Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to get creative and produce captivating content.

  1. Reusing Viral Videos: Go through the vast library of viral videos available on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Vine. Find videos relevant to your niche and repurpose them for your Instagram theme page. Ensure you give proper credit to the original creators to maintain ethical practices.

  2. Engaging Reels: Create short and eye-catching reels using popular editing apps like InShot or VivaVideo. Add trending music, effects, and captions to make your content stand out. Remember, the more engaging your content is, the higher the chances of it going viral.

  3. Curated Posts: Compile visually appealing and informative posts using Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool. Canva offers a wide range of templates and customization options, making it easy to create professional-looking posts that resonate with your target audience.

Monetizing Your Instagram Account with Affiliate Marketing

Now that you have a growing audience and engaging content, it’s time to monetize your Instagram account through affiliate marketing. Here’s how you can make money on Instagram:

  1. Join Affiliate Programs: Find affiliate programs that align with your niche and sign up for them. Some popular affiliate networks include Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and CJ Affiliate. These programs allow you to earn a commission for every sale made through your unique affiliate link.

  2. Promote Products and Services: Once you’ve joined affiliate programs, strategically promote products and services that are relevant to your niche. Create engaging posts, stories, and reels that highlight the benefits and features of the products. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the captions or swipe-up links (available for accounts with 10k+ followers).

  3. Sponsored Posts and Shoutouts: As your theme page grows, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and shoutouts. Reach out to relevant brands or let them come to you. Charge a fee for featuring their products or services on your page, and don’t forget to disclose any sponsored content as per FTC guidelines.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How do I ensure my content is unique and plagiarism-free?

To ensure your content is unique and plagiarism-free, use plagiarism detection tools like Copyscape or Grammarly. These tools will help you identify any duplicate content and make necessary amendments.

  1. Can I use videos from other creators without their permission?

No, it’s essential to give credit to the original creators and seek permission to use their videos. Make sure to include proper attributions in your captions or through overlay text on the videos themselves.

  1. Can I create multiple faceless Instagram theme pages?

Yes, you can create multiple theme pages in different niches to maximize your earning potential. However, remember to dedicate enough time and effort to each page to ensure its growth and success.

  1. What are some beginner-friendly affiliate programs?

Some beginner-friendly affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, which offers a wide range of products to promote, and ClickBank, known for its digital products and high commission rates. Start with these programs and explore others as you gain experience and expertise.

  1. How can I track my affiliate earnings?

Most affiliate programs provide a dashboard or interface where you can track your earnings, clicks, and conversions. Additionally, you can use tracking tools like Bitly or Pretty Links to monitor the performance of your affiliate links.


Creating a faceless Instagram theme page and reusing videos can be a lucrative venture, generating over $500k yearly through affiliate marketing. By selecting the right niche, creating captivating content, and strategically monetizing your account, you can achieve financial success while maintaining your anonymity. So, remember to stay consistent, engage with your audience, and always strive for uniqueness in your content. Get ready to unlock the doors to a whole new world of earning potential on Instagram!

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