Easiest Facebook Affiliate Marketing SIDE HUSTLE To Make $1,000 a Day Doing NO WORK!

Majority of us use Facebook every single Day but did you know that you can Actually make money with Facebook Affiliate marketing from really simple Videos just like this that people are Posting on Facebook with Facebook reels Every single day you see there are three Ways that you can make money with Facebook affiliate marketing the first Way is by not doing anything at all the Second way is by using Ai and the Third Way is by showing your face like a lot Of these people are doing on these Videos now if you don't want to show Your face and you want to use AI or you Don't want to do any of the work Yourself well it is possible and you can Actually make tens of thousands of Dollars every single month I recently Had a video take off and it made me an Astronomical amount of money and I'm Going to show you exactly how you can do Something very very similar the first Thing that you need to do is you need to Come over to Facebook and you need to Create a profile for yourself now this Profile can be in any Niche that you Want I'm going to show you how people Are doing this like I said without doing Any of the work themselves and when you Scroll down what you want to do is Create yourself a Facebook profile that Looks something like this this is one of My newer Facebook profiles I've actually

Got to one of my Facebook profiles is This one over here it's a group you can See it's got 8 800 followers and all I Did was post content on this on a Regular basis and I got all these Followers with this one here in Particular I haven't shown any other Sort of I haven't promoted this on any Other social media or anything like that All I've been doing just recently is Putting up Facebook reels in here and I've got 436 followers but what's Important about this when you scroll Down is that you can link this profile To your Instagram to your YouTube to Twitter and then this is where you're Going to place your link so when you're Creating your bio you want to have a Product that you are promoting so once People watch these videos they have Somewhere to go to click on a product Where you are going to make money on the Back of these views and this is why and This is how you're going to make money With Facebook affiliate marketing so What the first step is to come over here And create a profile for yourselves you Can create a banner on a platform like Canva very very simple and just come up With the niche that you want I want to Show you some of these different Accounts that I found where people are Doing these and creating these different Types of videos and in this bunch I want

To show you exactly how someone's doing It without doing any of the work Themselves and at the end of the video I'm going to show you how you can do This using AI so here's the first Account that I found over here it's this One over here it's a guy but the call Just calls himself Super Dad at home as You can see if you scroll down here he's Promoting a link over here to a product But if we go over here to his reels you Can see he's got 27 000 followers This Guy's in the make money online Niche and When you scroll down he makes very very Simple 60 second to 90 second videos you See Facebook real can be 90 seconds and These are very very simple videos and Basically the purpose of all these Videos is to drive people to that link That he has in his buyer and all he's Basically doing is showing people how to Make extra money how to leave their nine To five Etc and I can guarantee you'd be Making some really good money and you Can see a lot of his reels have had tens Of thousands of views if you scroll down It's just taking a little bit of time to Load but you can see thousands of views On a lot of these so that's the first Profile that I want to show you and Somebody that's doing this it literally Takes half an hour a day to create a 60 Second to 90 second rule okay it's super Super simple stuff and you'd be

Surprised with how many people go Through and click on those links like I Said I recently had a video go viral and Absolutely blew up now I want to show You this other account so this person OV This account is called KDP tips and Tricks you can see this person hasn't Even bothered to create a banner he's Got 14 followers okay I wanted to show You this particular account because when You scroll down you can see he's got Hundreds of views and some of his videos Have had thousands of views now a lot of People aren't following this person but The beauty of of reels is that a lot of People don't even need to follow you in Order for you to get a lot of views and This person is not even showing their Face what they're doing with this Particular style is they're just getting Their mobile phone okay so they're using Their mobile phone and basically what They're doing is they're pointing it at The screen okay it seems like they're Taking different types of videos of Spreadsheets and all different ways that They're making money with Amazon okay so As you scroll down you'll be able to see All these different types of videos and They also have a link inside if you go To their about page if you scroll down You're going to find a link over here And they'll also be promoting a product So they're driving views to this a link

Okay I'll send videos on Facebook people Getting millions of views and I'll show You that in a second so here is another Account that I found over here this one Is done by a lady by the name of Samantha you can see 2 400 followers She's only following four people and as You scroll down you can see she also Gets thousands of views by putting up These different types of videos now I'm Going to show you an account now that's Doing this literally going out and Copying other people's videos and Pasting them on their own profile They've even used my videos and I've Used a lot of other people's videos the Account is still up it's this one over Here called make money and it's earn Online earn money okay and when you Scroll down you can see that this Particular account none of these videos Are there's like this video over here Has had 20 000 views only recently Posted if you scroll down you're gonna Find videos like this one over here has Had 953 000 views now this is the video of this Channel that I just showed you over here Of Super Dad at home and this is not his Profile so what this person is doing They're going and downloading these Videos and they upload putting it onto Their own Facebook profile and I've even Found some of my videos when I scroll

Down over here there's a lot of my Videos that this person has used as well They're using a lot of other people's Videos and they're getting tens of Thousands of views and they're also Driving this traffic to their own links Inside their bio and they're making Money with Facebook affiliate marketing Okay so I wanted to show you this there Are a lot of people doing this the way That I would recommend that you do it my Personal opinion is I will do exactly What I'm doing I'll do what this Creator Is doing it seems like people taking Other people's videos it seems to still Be working for them it doesn't seem like Facebook is removing their accounts They're going out and quite simply all You need to do is go to say Google and You know find a Facebook reels Downloader and then click onto any one Of these videos and once you click onto All you need to do is copy this URL Paste it into that downloader and you'll Be able to download that video and Upload it onto your own Facebook real so It doesn't seem to be hurting they these Accounts so that's one of the ways that You can do it the second way that you Can do it involves using AI okay and one Of the ways that you can do that would Be to use for example a platform like Chat GPT now what you would need to do With chat GPT is you need to come over

Here and type in something like give me Three quick tips on how to make money Online and as you can see Chad jbt is Going to give you all the information That you want from here what you will do Quite simply is you would come over to Platforms like this one called in video Dot IO this is an AI video creation Software where you can literally paste This script inside in video and in video Is going to create this video for you You see if you come over here if we go To in video it's going to give us a few Options okay and one of those let me Just remove this as you can see is AI Text to video so you just need to use That AI text once you click onto this You'll be able to pick a template and From there what you'll be able to do is You'll be able to create these videos And once you select any one of these Templates if I pause this you can very Easily select the portrait style which Is the YouTube or Facebook real or Instagram real format okay very very Simple stuff once you insert that text Inside here it's going to create this Video for you and I'm going to show you A complete tutorial where you can watch A complete tutorial in just a second but What you would be doing from here is you Need to come over to platforms like ClickBank which is going to allow you to Get an affiliate offer okay and when you

Sign up to ClickBank it's going to bring You over to their Marketplace account Once you're on their Marketplace what You want to do on the left hand side Overview if you click onto all it's Going to give you all these different Categories where you can find a product To promote and you can see if we scroll Down you've got health and fitness You've got home and garden like do it Yourself stuff as well when it comes to Home and Garden there's so many Different things but if you're to do Something with for example affiliate Marketing make money online you would go To E-Business and e-marketing once you Click onto that quite simply you'd want To come over here and select gravity High to low and then quite simply just Choose any one of these products like Let's just say you wanted to promote This one which is get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube which is Pretty cool because using social media Then you're enticing people to make Money with social media the two go hand In hand so what you do is you click on To promote what you want to do is you Want to grab this tracking ID so you Just want to copy that and then what we Need to do is we need to shorten this Link so that we can paste it inside our Bio inside our Facebook profile okay now To shorten these links very very simple

All you need to do is come straight over To platforms like this called tinyurl Okay and all you need to do is paste That in there and then create your Alias If you just click on to make my own URL It's just going to create anything for You or what you can do is you can Actually change that and abbreviate it Yourself so this is one platform that You can use Another one that I use a lot is this one Over here called link tree okay and when You scroll down the beautiful thing About link trees that you can use Multiple of these links okay so this is How link tree looks it's going to allow You to put multiple links okay so this Is why I really like link tray because It allows you to promote maybe two to Three different offers and all you need To do is come straight over to your Facebook profile okay and make sure that You put that link inside the bio when You're creating this a profile now I Told you I was going to show you that a Lot of these videos get a lot of views So if we come over to Facebook I just Want to show you if we close this I mean Take a look at this when we scroll down Guys if I pause this you can see that This video has had 1.3 million views oh Let me go back this video over here as You can see has had 166 million views This video has had 1.4 million views Etc

So a lot of these videos guys are Getting a lot of views 915 000 views and When you take a look at these different Types of videos they've only been been You know put up recently some of them Maximum only been around for like a year Or so and some of them have been around A little bit longer but the ones have Been around longer you know have had Well over 1 million views and this is an Evergreen way of making money with Affiliate marketing guys because these Videos are going to continue to get you Views for a very very long time now if You want to know other ways that I make Money with affiliate marketing okay what You want to do is you want to go down The bottom and in the description of This video you want to click onto income Positive.com if you haven't done so Already scroll down enter your details And what I'm going to do is I'm going to Send you my ultimate affiliate marketing Guide this is going to have several Different ways that I make money with Affiliate marketing including exactly What I did to make tens of thousands of Dollars with a very very similar Strategy that you're seeing on this Video now once you enter in your details It's going to bring you over to this Page it's actually going to show you how We make over twenty thousand dollars a Month without Evergreen brain views

Formula now what does that mean that Literally means that this is going to Teach you or this video is going to show You exactly how we make money utilizing A strategy where it continues to get Views for a very long time I've got Videos that are getting reviews that I've posted two three even four years Ago that are still getting me sales Today there is no better passive income Strategy now in order to watch this Video like I said all you need to do is Go down the bottom in the description of This video click onto income Positive.com get that free ebook and Also watch this video it's going to show You exactly what I do now if you want to See that full AI tutorial of how you can Use in video to create these videos and Upload them on Facebook I've also got a Massive special on in video which you're Going to see on this video all you need To do is Click onto this video over here And it's going to show you exactly how You can utilize Facebook Cash Card Channels using Ai and affiliate Marketing to absolutely crush it I'll See you on this video until next time You guys take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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