20 EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL (With 21 FREE TOOLS)

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EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

I present to you 20 ways to make money on Fiverr, with virtually no skill, plus the whopping 21 free tools to help you a clump was just that, and since there’s, a new account, you can actually list up to seven different gigs on Fiverr, my hope is that, with this compilation, video you’ll, not only be able to decide on your top gigs to do, but also learn exactly how you’ll.

Be able to do them through my tutorials again. For all these, you, don’t need to have any technical experience or skills.

#1 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Now, before we dive right into the first gig, I just want to give you a quick disclaimer that some of the ones on my list I may have discussed before, and one of my older videos, but for many of them I’ve, actually discovered New or updated tools free to use – and that is indeed the case for our first type of gig branding services, for which I have found three free tools.

You can use to make this extremely simple, but first let’s quickly. Look at an example of what you can expect from this type of gig. So let me just open up this second gig here where it says I would provide you 15, powerful brand or company names and slogans.

As you can see, the seller has already gotten quite a few sales under his belt and even has one order in queue at this very moment, and literally all he does for $ 20 is provide 15 business names or slogans, and that’s.

It and you can easily do this in mere seconds using a website like name licks com or you can just type in any keyword. You want like let’s, say Burger here you can even select how long you want your name to be.

So let’s, take both short names and medium names and hit generate, and just like that, we ‘ Ve, got tons of really cool names generated and all of these even come with the option for people to register their domain.

So if we just go back and look at this gig, this is in fact what the seller does for the next year. So if I just toggle over to the standard package, we’ll, see that the business names he provides for.

This will happen to also not be registered under any existing domain, meaning that any business that’s interested will be able to potentially trademark and register that name or create a website for it.

And that happens to be exactly what nameless does. To my knowledge, all the names it generates will indeed be domain available and by the way you can also easily double-check, with any online domain checker.

But, for example, if I open up say Burger Bay here – and I actually quite like this name – maybe I’ll open up my own place, but anyway, opening up Burger Bay. We’ll, see that it actually has a place where you can actually buy this domain, but you obviously don’t have to do so.

I’m performing this particular gig. All you need to make sure of is the fact that this domain is still indeed available now to make your life even easier. There are yet two more free websites. You can use to auto-generate business names and even slogans where the first one being business name generator’calm, which also convenient comes with domain checking and then finally, Shopify is very own free slogan maker and that’s.

All for my coverage of the first gig business aim and slogan generation before we move on. If you have any questions regarding anything in this, video feel free to comment down below, and I’ll do my best to answer anyway.

#2 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving on to the next gig and is speeding up a little, we have digital presentation design which, if I just open up the first highly rated gig at the top left, entails creating simple 10 slide. Editable presentations complete with infographics.

For this cake. I have two free resources to show you with the first one being slides, carnival calm, which provides tons of free, edible and already formatted templates at your disposal. In fact, these are the very templates that I myself have been using to create slides for my YouTube videos and, as you can see, each template will come with many differently formatted slides, including lots of infographic friendly ones as well, which will satisfy most, if not all The requirements your customers will throw at you.

What makes slides carnival so convenient is also the fact that it integrates directly to Google slides. What is the other free resource? You’d, be using for this, and it’s. Also very easy to use because, for example, you can just edit copy and paste and delete slides as your desire, plus with Google slides.

You can easily save, download and share both directly online or by sending them a PowerPoint file, and that was the second gig digital presentation design, using free templates.

#3 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving on to the next, we have background removal, which is a bit more competitive because it’s, so darn easy, but it ‘s also just really helpful to know how to do for applying it to any graphics, related gigs.

By the way I have covered how to do this before, but this time I’m, actually changing up the background removal tool from remove that BG to another one called burner bonanza because remove dot BG only actually gives you one image for free, whereas Burner Bonanza can be used completely for free and, as you can see, I’ve, been using it for some of my own images and before I go through how to actually use it.

Let me first come back over to Fiverr and open up an example. Gig, let’s, say this one that reads: I will do 100 photos background removal which actually is slightly misleading because they don’t actually charge five dollars for this, but actually a lot more.

But anyway, let me go in here and, as you can see, the rate is five dollars for 15 images to their backgrounds removed, which isn’t, actually that bad and if we switch over to the standard package, it’s $ 20.

For 50 images and then finally for premium it’s, 100 images for $ 35 and to actually perform this with just a few clicks. We’re gonna want to again go over to burner Bonanza comm, and you actually want to sign up for your own account, because that way it’ll then save your images, but anyway, let me just show you an example of random image. I’ll just drag into this box here of Keanu Reeves.

So first it’ll, actually automatically try to burn the background, and then it’ll also provide you with some easy-to-use tools for you to sort of edit the image. If it doesn’t come out perfectly, and here it actually came out really well so of the four images to have been generated.

Normally, I would just select the second one and be done with it, but if, for example, none of the automatically generated images aren’t good enough, you can simply select the one you want to edit by clicking the touch-up button under that image.

Like so over here on the left, this is currently how the image has been traced out with a yellow, so everything beyond the yellow will be blotted out or removed rather and up here, as you can see, there are two different tools that you can select from With the red one being called background on the green one being mark foreground, so in the case that your image hasn’t been generated properly, you can just use either one of these tools to either mark whatever you want as a background, or vice Versa right so, for example, if I want to actually blot out Keanu Reese’s hair, I can use the red tool here and just keep drawing over it and paint over whatever.

I want turned into that background and similarly I can just use the green tool to restore whatever I want to be in the foreground, and that is pretty much how you use burner Bonanza and once you’re done, you can go to the bottom Right and click on finish, and with that you’ll, be able to see the image in your account and to download it.

You can just hover over the top left and select download as PNG to get that image with the actual transparent background. Again, even if you decide not to have background removal as one of your gigs, it can still be very useful for other gigs and projects that involve any sort of background removal, say.

For example, a client gives you a logo yet have its background removed.

#4 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Next, proceeding on to gig number four, we have subtitling video clips with a special automation trick. As you can see here, people have been able to sell gigs for adding subtitles to video clips in various languages, which not only involves coming up with a transcript, but also synchronizing that transcript with when the respective words were actually spoken.

In a video and before I show you how you can do this automatically using a free tool, let’s. First check out this fibers choice listing on the brain, and if we look at his different packages, we’ll see that for the $ 5 option, the buyer will actually have to supply their own transcript, but for the $ 15 option he will then create the transcript with the subtitles for them, which happens to be what this tool I’m about to Show you is capable of so how you can do this is after you ask your client to send you their video.

You want to upload that video onto YouTube, and by the way, anyone with a Google account, can start a YouTube channel for free and then just upload that video as a private video and the reason for doing this is that YouTube actually subtitles its videos automatically.

And it even allows you to directly download its subtitle files and that’s so quite accurately, and even if it doesn’t nail, the entire transcript 100 %, you can still easily download the subtitle file to edit.

It also YouTube does support multiple languages, but if you don’t actually understand the language itself, you may not be able to check for small mistakes in the subtitles now to actually download these subtitles after you upload a video.

You want to actually go over to the left side here within the video options and hit the link that says subtitles and then over on the right. Where it says subtitles, you can just hit the options, which is indicated by the three dots here and then just select download and for a more in-depth guide on this, including how to actually download different file types from YouTube and edit these subtitles. You can check out the other video I’ve done on this topic in the description box.

#5 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Going on to the next gig at number 5. We have ebook file type conversions and yes, this is actually a thing because not only do different types of devices support different file types, but people also want to be able to convert editable ebooks into non editable versions and, for instance, if I open up this gig Here that has over a thousand reviews, we can see that for their basic package they charge $ 5 for formatting and curved up to 100 pages of an e-book.

And then for the standard package it’s $15 for 200 pages, with ten images and then for the premium is $ 25 for 300 pages and 20 images.

I know it sounds complicated, but it’s actually not, because with this free software here called calibre, you can actually convert ebook file types with just a few clicks and also edit and format them as you see fit.

Now for this video I’m not actually going to demonstrate how it works, but if you’re interested, you can check out the link in the description to my other video.

#6 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving on to gig number. Six, we have YouTube intro and outro clips, which typically features some sort of animation with the channels logo, but the type of gig people are charging from ten dollars and above and it’s, actually very easy to do, because these clips, usually only last For a few seconds.

For instance, let me just play one of these preview clips to show you what one might look like. So now that we have a general idea of how these clips look with the upcoming website called Panzer you’ll, actually Be able to create these and even use free, pre-made templates right online.

First to find some templates. You can just go to the options on the top left here and select creations which we’ll bring over here, or you can either browse through lots of people’s templates or use a search bar.

Just be careful when using these. To select one that actually specifies you can use it without attribution, but even then there are still lots of cool video templates.

You can use to customize your own. For example, my very own youtube intro was made using this site as well using one of their templates. I simply changed the background: the text, the font and added in a music clip of my choice and, as with some of the other long tutorials, I’m, not going to demonstrate all that in this compilation video, but rather link you to my in-depth Walkthrough in the description box.

#7 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Going on to the 7th gig, we have transcription, which is somewhat similar to the subtitling gig from earlier, except you provide regular text or document instead of a specific timestamp subtitle file.

That being said, you can still very well use YouTube’s automatic subtitling to help you do this, but it’d, be a bit of a hassle to have to pick up just the sentences without the time stands within the subtitle files.

So that’s, why, alternatively, what you can do is old-fashioned transcription, which can be made very easy. Using Google Docs — is voice-to-text functionality by the way for transcription.

You’re supposed to just provide all the text for what is spoken within a given video clip and so with Google Docs.

You can actually just play the video clip and, as you listen instead of typing, you can speak it out and have the software do all the typing for you and to demonstrate. Let me first open up a blank document here and then once it loads up.

I can activate the voice to text tool by heading over to the Tools menu here. I got to wait a little bit and then selecting voice typing and then subsequently, I’ll, be able to type out whatever I speak.

So this is the test. I am typing by speaking, and it is very accurate. I don’t have to speak at this robotic voice, but I feel like it and here, as you can see, it actually made a small mistake. It’s supposed to say in instead of at, but all I need to do is to right-click it and select the correct grammar.

So here it actually suggests the correct version in this. So I can just do that, because Google actually detects it automatically, which is another convenience. Now you don’t actually have to look through the entire body of text to locate each individual mistake, because you can just go over to the tools and then select the spelling and grammar, and the system will actually detect all the mistakes for you – and you can just run through them like that, and as for the going rates of pay for this, we go back over to Fiverr and open up.

One of these highly rated gigs begins that this person charges $ 5 for the first 20 minutes of text that they transcribe and then they also have a standard package for they charge $ 30 for videos or audios audio clips that are 90 to 180 minutes long, so this particular type of gig may not be the most time efficient when compared to some of the other easier ones, but it could still very well be one of the seven gigs you list or even something you might just be really good at.

#8 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving on over to gig number eight, we have one that I cover very recently on the channel Ashley, which is providing travel advice and planning like giving people an entire army or a list of attractions and restaurants who recommend, and while it’s, definitely Easier to do if you live in that particular city or country.

There is the power and convenience of the free tools, Google Travel and Google My Maps, not to be confused with Google, you can easily provide advice for other cities around the globe as well.

This gig is generally around five to ten dollars for providing a list of attractions and accommodations complete with some personal comments and recommendations, and to take this even further to beyond your competition by providing annotated digital maps for your clients.

You can check out my recent tutorial, covering Both Google Travel and Google my maps, the link for this guide will be in the description box for your convenience.

#9 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

On to gig number 9. We have short video ads and this can be very lucrative indeed, because businesses are often very willing to spend money to create ads. But it can also be very easy, so, for example, if I just come over to this gig now, let me show you what one of these ads could look like.

So for a hundred dollars, this person is literally selling a 30-second ad. That looks something like this and with your help, we can raise the capital needed and achieve projected sales of over 1.5 million dollars in the first year.

That’s it, so creating a professional-looking ad can actually be very easy. First, you need to find royalty-free video clips that are related to the company. You’re, making the ad for then with virtually any free video editor, including your built in I’m moving on Apple devices or Windows Movie Maker.

You can just string these clips together and add transitions between them. If you want, then you can add some royalty free background music and I’ll show you where you can get all the royalty-free stuff in a bit and if you also want to do a voiceover, you can simply outsource that and still make a Very good net profit now to show you a quick demo of how you can create a video add just like this.

We can first head over to a site called video comm to get our royalty-free video clips on here. They provide a ton of 4k high-definition clips that you’re free to download and use so, for example, if I want to use this vinyl record player clip to promote something music related, I can simply open up this link and even preview.

The clip that I want and then just download it now to actually edit these clips any free video editor, including your default ones, will work. Personally, though, I like using Windows, Movie Maker and occasionally vs DC editor, which is a bit more complicated to use, but a great alternative to these would be hitfilm express, which is also free and comes with a ton of free tutorials.

You can consult as well and just to demonstrate it for you really quick over here. I already have hitfilm express to open up and started a new project and then to start my video ad, I can just get that clip I downloaded earlier.

This clip find it in my downloads folder and then just actually go to the import slot at the bottom left and just drag it right in, and I just repositioned myself real quick. But with that, you can now see that the clip hasn’t reacted to the bottom left window here, which is also where you would drag in all of your other video clips, but just keep in mind that this window is merely for Clips.

You’ve imported and not necessarily added to your actual video so to actually make it part of your video. You want to drag it into the main frame here on the right and you would also handle audio clips in the same way.

But let me now show you how you can add a transition. For example, I’m gonna just drag in another video clip, oh actually the same one that I just downloaded and again I can just drag it over to my main frame here.

To add my second clip and then what you want to do to add: a transition is to go over to the effects tab on the left and then a scroll to where it says, transitions, video and then open up this folder.

Let me just double clicking. Wait. Let me click on the arrow to open it, and then you can decide on which type of transition to add in so I usually like doing dissolve or sometimes you, don’t necessarily have to have a transition.

But if you do want to have one you just drag in whichever effect you want in between whichever Clips you want it to be positioned in. So let me just drag it in between these two and I would preview it for you, but that could make my computer lag.

So I’m, not but anyway, that’s, the basic gist of how you would create a video add. Oh and by the way, if you want to add background music to your video clip, you can just head over to YouTube’s very own music library at youtube.com/audio-library and then under the search bar here or the sort of categories. Here you want to select the attribution option and then click on attribution not required so that it’s actually royalty-free.

Then you just download the music. You want head back over to hitfilm, express again dragging the music and then drag it into the main window here, to add it to your video and finally, once you’re done, adding everything and editing your video, you can just export it by first Going over to the export options to select the quality you want, so you typically want the highest quality, which is, I think, YouTube’s, 2160p Ultra HD and then to actually export it.

You want to go to the export bond button rather at the bottom right, which is right above me, and then just click on it and then hit save.

#10 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving on to gig number 10. In a similar vein, we have Facebook and Instagram ads, and this generally involves graphical ads instead of videos, unless we’re talking about Instagram story ads, which I also show you how to do, and first just to show you an example of what these Types of ads can look like, they’re actually quite simple, especially considering the fact that your customers or clients, rather will usually provide you with some images or logos of their own and so designing.

These can also be quite profitable, for example, on the right. It says that this person charges 10 dollars for just doing one basic, a design or one social media profile cover design, and for doing this there are three different websites.

I want to show you with the first one being canva.com, which is already quite popular, but, as you can see here on the bottom left, we have both templates for Facebook ads and Instagram ads, and there are lots of templates that you can just use and Also drag and drop right, so you can edit it pretty easily by changing the text, change the images or even importing their images or other images you find on royalty, free websites or royalty free image, websites like pixabay and for our next website.

We actually have one of Kambiz competitors called hello and not as many people know about this, but this is yet another site. You can use for even more templates, so here, as you can see, they also have on facebook ads and also instagram ads and down here.

They even have templates for Twitter ads as well as some other stuff. Now both canva and krill are free to use, but if you want yet another option for easily creating Instagram story, ads YouTube ads or just video ads in general, you can also try out wave video which provides an easy drag-and-drop editor.

But you do have to pay to be able to download these videos, which could be still very well worth it if you’re going to be charging people on Fiverr for more.

#11 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving at the gig number 11, we have photo retouching, which normally entails removing blemishes and wrinkles from people’s faces and just smoothing out the image in general and checking Out one of these gigs now going away seems to be $5 for editing one image and with two free tools.

You can do this extremely easily, starting with one called makeup photo here after uploading, a random picture of myself. The website automatically retouch it’s, my face by smoothing it out and making the colors a bit warmer and over on the menu here.

I also have the option to select these specific effects. I want, or don’t want and to show you how potent it is. I can actually toggle the effects off, so it’s off now and then let me just turn it back on.

So it’s on again so here, as you can see, I should look a lot better off on off on all right. You guys see the difference and now to download my image. I can simply click on save and share at the very bottom here and then it’ll give me the option to either share it or download it. So I’m. Just gonna hit download button here and then I’m. Actually, right click and hit save image as and make up that photo.

Isn’t, even all because this yet another free tool that you can use to make your images look even better, which is called photo P comm, in particular, just a tool called the Spot Healing Brush tool over on the Left, which I’ve hovered over right here, and I can just click on this to remember any spots that want for my face.

So, for example, I have this tiny little spot or kind of mole. Looking thing between my eyes, I can just click on here to rub it away, and here’s, another spot that I can remove and yet another one on my nose that I can just blot out and as an aside, if you want to do Anything graphics, design related.

If you don’t own or don’t want to pay for a Photoshop. I highly recommend using photo pay as a free, get very good alternative and with it you can even save images in various different formats. If you have to, but anyway, using along with makeup photo, is a great and easy way to do photo retouching on which the next gig that requires no skill at number 12, we have data entry, which is exactly what its name implies punching in and categorizing information Into some sort of spreadsheet, for this type of gig people seem to charge by the hour, with the standard rate being somewhere around $ 10 per hour of work.

But to make it much easier for you, you can use a free cloud-based software called Google sheets, which even provides templates for different purposes from to-do lists, to annual budgets, to monthly budgets, to calendars schedules, Cavill planners pros and cons with team rosters.

#13 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

At number 13, we have being a virtual assistant which can have you doing a variety of usually simple tasks and we’re generally.

You earn based on the amount of time you get hired for, and I think, if you’re, versatile and good with people and general computer skills doing this can be a lot more fun and rewarding than straight up data entry.

#14 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Going on to number 14 on this list, this one isn’t technically a Fiverr gig, but I still want to include it because it’s, just a great and very different way to make money with Fiverr that won’t, be limited by your 7 gig cap on your account and it’s, being an affiliate of any private gig and the way to do this is to go over to a fully at fiverr.com to sign up and then in your dashboard head to the marketing tools.

On the left and then default and deep links and on the right where it says LP URL, you can actually paste in any Fiverr gig to essentially generate a personal affiliate link, so say for this gig here.

Let me just paste it back in and then select the check mark here. If anybody buys through your link here, you actually earn a commission, and so the way you make money with this is by recommending and promoting any gig on the platform.

Using your custom link and then earning when people buy through it and by the way, just to show you more clearly how you can generate your link. I’m gonna move my screen little and on the far right you’ll, see this option called LP URL and that’s.

What you’re supposed to open up to paste in any link to any fiverr gig, and then that’ll generate you. These links, like the fiber CPA link here, that you can just again copy up and then paste onto whatever platforms.

#15 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Moving on to the next gig. We just have a few more left, but at number 15 we have beta reading, which is reading over other people’s, articles or stories and providing them your feedback.

That being said, it definitely helps if you’re, well-read or professional. But even if you’re, not some people would still greatly appreciate the perspective of the average reader, especially if they want to do accurate market research.

And if you charge a competitive price in a similar vein at number 16, we have user testing, which is also providing feedback and usability tests of various software’s, websites, apps or games, and for this to provide actual user feedback.

While you’re testing out stuff, you can download a free software called OBS studio, which is what I’m using right at this moment for a screen capture moving on very quickly.

#17 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Onto number 17, we have a bit of a fun one which is impersonations, and for this, even if you don’t necessarily have the voice.

You can still use a free, yet potent software like voxel voice, changer or if you want an even better one, which will cost you just little. You can also consider voice mod, which also has a lot of good built-in voices you can use.

#18 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Next, speaking of voice changes, you can potentially use one for gig number 18, which is making phone calls and that’s right. This is actually a thing on Fiverr because, frankly, a lot of people get very nervous on the phone or just aren’t very good at it.

So if you can muster up some courage to do the calling for them or even follow their specific instructions for a call, this can be a very easy gig to add to your list, but with all these five areas that involve looking from home.

#19 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

Why not get out of the house with another, somewhat bizarre Fiverr gig, which at number 19 is distributing and posting physical fliers?

This one can be especially good if you live in a large city or area where you can potentially get a lot of eyeballs, and thus clients would want your services.

#20 – EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL

And finally, at number 20, we have random greetings and videos which usually entails recording some kind of Funny video message like saying anything as a gangster or just in a funny voice, or even while doing something very random, but hilarious like sitting in a raft with this type of gig.

If you have a knack for being funny, there’s actually a chance of your gig going somewhat viral and thus getting a ton of sales out of nowhere.

And that was 20 Fiverr gigs, requiring pretty much no skills and actually more than 21 Free tools to help you do them.

Click here to learn about more side hustles you can do online.


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