How Beginners Make $3000/Week By Copy Pasting Emails In 2023

What if I told you that you could make Up to three thousand dollars a week by Simply copying and pasting emails you Probably wouldn't believe me but in this Video I'll be showing you exactly what You need to do step by step to make this Method work for you I just need you to Pay close attention right until the end So you don't miss a single important Money making detail let's get right into It Step one head over to dub verse the First step is to go to which Is a website that uses artificial Intelligence to dub videos into other Languages this website is a great tool For anyone who wants to expand their Reach and connect with viewers who speak Different languages now you might be Wondering why dubbing your videos is so Important well think about it this way If you only create content in one Language you're limiting your audience To people who speak that language but if You can create content in multiple Languages you're opening up your channel To a much larger audience this can lead To more subscribers more views and Ultimately more money Okay so let's check whether there's Actually a demand for the dub verse Service and to do that we're going to Take a look at one of the biggest YouTubers out there Mr Beast if you're

Not familiar with Mr Beast he's a hugely Popular YouTuber with over 69 million Subscribers at the time of writing he's Known for his crazy stunts challenges And giveaways and his videos have racked Up billions of views so if Mr Beast is Dubbing his videos into other languages It's a pretty good indication that There's a demand for this service and Guess what he is As well as his main Channel Mr Beast Also has several other channels where he Posts dubbed versions of his videos in Different languages for example he has a Spanish Channel called Mr Beast and Espanol and a Portuguese Channel called Mr Beast Portugal So why is Mr Beast creating these dubbed Versions of his videos Well it's likely because he understands The importance of reaching a global Audience with over 7 billion people in The world it's safe to say that not Everyone speaks English by dubbing his Videos into other languages he's able to Connect with viewers who might not have Been able to understand his content Otherwise but Mr Beast isn't the only YouTuber dubbing his videos a quick Search on YouTube Will Reveal countless Other channels that are dubbing their Videos into different languages from Makeup tutorials to gaming videos it Seems like there's a demand for this

Service across a wide range of niches so If you're thinking about using dub verse To start your own dubbing service you Can rest assured that there's a market Out there for it of course you'll need To do your own research to see what the Demand is like in your particular Niche But seeing the success that Mr Beast and Others have had with this service should Give you some confidence Step 2 sign up for dub verse first Things first you'll need to go to the Dubverse.i website and click the try now Button from there you'll be prompted to Sign up for an account the easiest way To sign up is to continue with Google But you can also sign up with your email Address if you prefer once you're signed Up and logged in you can start exploring All the features that dubverse has to Offer and let me tell you there are a Lot of features One thing to keep in mind is that dub Verse offers a seven day free trial for New users this is a great opportunity to Test out all the advanced features of The service without having to pay Anything and if you decide that you want To continue using the service after the Free trial ends you can upgrade to a Paid plan at any time After the free trial ends your account Will move to the freemium plan This plan allows you to use the basic

Features of the service for free but You'll need to pay for the more advanced Features however if you're just getting Started with dubbing videos the freemium Plan should be more than enough to get You started so that's how you sign up For dub verse and get started with the Service it really is that simple Step 3 create a dubbed video with dub Verse now let's get into how to create a Dubbed video with dub verse it's Incredibly easy and straightforward in Fact it only takes a few minutes First you need to click on the plus icon Located on the home page of the website This will take you to the video upload Page here you can either upload a video Directly from your computer or add a Video by pasting a URL link once your Video is uploaded you can proceed to The Next Step here you will be prompted to Select the language you want your video To be translated to for example if your Original video is in English you might Want to translate it to Hindi to reach a Wider audience once you have selected Your dub artist you can click on the Let's dub button to start the dubbing Process it will take just a few minutes For the AI to dub your video into the Selected language the dub verse AI tool Uses Advanced algorithms to make sure That the dubbed video is high quality And seamless so you can rest assured

That your final product will be of Excellent quality With dub verse the process is quick and Easy so you can spend more time creating Great content and less time worrying About translation Step 4 offer your services to YouTubers In the productivity Niche now I know you Must be wondering how you can actually Make money with this amazing AI tool Well selling dub versus dubbing service To YouTubers is a great way to grow your Business and help content creators Expand their reach to a wider audience But how do you go about finding these YouTubers and reaching out to them the First step is to do some research and Find YouTubers who are creating content In the productivity Niche and who you Believe could benefit from dubbing their Videos into other languages you can do This by simply searching for Relevant Keywords or topics on YouTube and Browsing through the top videos and Channels that come up once you've Identified some potential YouTubers you Can visit their channels and go to their About section to find their contact Information most YouTubers will have an Email address or other contact Information listed there which you can Use to reach out to them directly when Reaching out to YouTubers it's important To keep your pitch concise and clear

Remember to remind your client of the Benefits of dubbing their videos into Multiple languages not only will this Help them to reach a wider audience and Gain more subscribers but it will also Help them to grow their personal brand Around the world With only 10 percent of the world's Population speaking English there is a Huge audience out there that they can Tap into by dubbing their videos you can Even refer to Mr BEAST's dubbed channels As an example of how successful dubbing Can be Mr Beast is one of the most successful YouTubers out there and he has been able To reach even more viewers by dubbing His content into other languages By providing this example you can help Your clients to see the potential Benefits of dubbing their videos and Encourage them to continue using your Services in the future here's an example Email that you could use to pitch your Services to YouTubers Subject expand your reach and connect With a global audience through dubbing Services Dear YouTuber I hope this email finds You well I'm reaching out to you because I've noticed that your videos are doing Exceptionally well in English but what About the viewers who speak other Languages have you considered reaching

Out to a wider audience by adding dubbed Videos in multiple languages to your Content Library As an expert in video dubbing I can help You with this By offering dubbed videos in languages Such as Spanish Hindi Chinese and many More you'll be able to reach a wider Audience and potentially grow your Subscriber base Some benefits of adding dubbed videos to Your channel include increased Viewership from non-english speaking Countries more engagement from existing Viewers who prefer watching videos in Their native language a stronger Personal brand with a global reach Potential Revenue growth from increased Viewership and engagement I'd love to help you take your channel To the next level by providing you with Professional video dubbing Services Let's work together to expand your reach And take your channel to new heights Please let me know if you have any Questions or if you'd like to take me up On my offer Best regards your name step 5 fulfill Any orders with dub verse Now that you have successfully pitched Your dubbing services to the YouTubers It's time to fulfill your promises this Step is where you will actually use Dubverse to create dubbed videos for

Your clients to dub a video for a client Simply grab the link of the YouTube Video they want to be translated and Head over to dubverse from there you can Easily dub the video into their desired Language when the dubbing process is Complete you will receive a notification From dubverse letting you know that your Video is ready you can then download the Video and send it to your client it's as Easy as that and that's it I hope you Found this video informative and Enjoyable don't forget to hit that like Button if you learned something new Today and be sure to subscribe to my Channel for more tips and tricks on how To make money online thanks for watching And see you in the next one

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