How He Makes $4000/Day With AI LoFi YouTube Channel Without Showing Face!

Looking for different ways to make money Online I would search no further because Right now I'm going to give you a Blueprint on how to actually make Thousands of dollars every single day Posting Lo-Fi videos on YouTube without Actually showing your face and without Recording anything with a camera and I'm Going to show you exactly how this works And exactly how some people are making Five to ten thousand dollars a day every Single day and I'm gonna show you Exactly how to set it up step by step This requires no previous experience It's worldwide available and you can Actually get started for completely free So that sounds good enough then drop a Like down below and let us begin with a First example which is going to be this Channel called The Jazz hop Cafe just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts

And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all what they're actually Doing is they're just posting Lo-Fi bits With a background image so all they do Is they find and background image like This I'm going to show you how to Actually generate this with one click of A button unique content so you're not Going to get in any copyright issues or Whatsoever and you don't actually have To create anything yourself because it's All pretty much done for you and it's Free so what they're actually doing is They're just uploading different songs So no one is actually singing but it's Just a bit it's a Lo-Fi bit it's like For some when someone is like studying When someone is sleeping and relaxing They'll just play one of these might be Bits and it's gonna unleash their Creativity and it's gonna be easier for Them to either study or slip or chill or Do whatever they're doing while this is Playing in the background so this is Like background music that multiple Students are using another channel that Is doing the same thing is called Lo-Fi Girl she has 11 million subscribers Doing pretty much the same thing so the Person who owns this channel has never Actually shown their face and has never Recorded anything with a camera it's Just a still image with Lo-Fi bits in

The background you can actually watch a Couple of those videos you're gonna be Able or you're gonna you can listen to One of those videos it's just gonna be a Nice song playing in the background so If you actually go to social blade of The first Channel that I showed you You're gonna be able to see that this One is getting 1 million views every Single every single month and according To Social blade they're making about Five thousand dollars a month while this Other channel is getting 26 million Views and according to Social blade Making 100 000 a month adjustment Revenue alone and if you're thinking Right now like Dave that's not true There's no way they're making like five Thousand dollars a month or even like a Hundred thousand dollars a month from That Revenue well yeah it might not be True they're actually making even more Than that because when socialblade says They make a hundred thousand dollars a Month you see when it when they say that I'm a three point eight thousand dollars A month so that's what their their Estimate is they estimate they make a Three point eight thousand dollars a Month for my channel Dave Nick but if You go to my analytics you can see that In the past 28 days which is not even a Full month I made fifteen thousand Dollars which is like five times more

Than what they're estimating on on the Highest end so if you go out there they Might actually make five times more than This which can be 25 000 a month or in This case they can be half a million Dollars a month just for my Revenue Alone now in order to actually make Money from YouTube ad Revenue in order To actually earn money from ads your Channel needs to be approved into the Partner program which can sometimes take 12 to 18 months just to make the Monetization requirements so what you Can simply do if you skip that is you Can go over to monetization Or click the first link in the Description box down below and you can Get a fully monetized Channel literally Instantly so you can get access to a Monitored Channel innocently star Browsing content in every single video That you publish is going to be Monetized with ads from the start so You're not going to miss on 12 months of Content and miss some thousands of Dollars and lose so much money just Trying to meet the monetization Requirements but you can get it right Away once again that's over at the monetization or click the First link in the description box down Below now once your channel is approved Into the partner program what you can do If you start the same channel like those

Guys and start a Lo-Fi hip hop a bit its YouTube channel you can go to Download audio and you can find Different songs which you can download So if you go to download music you can Find all of these bits that are like Lo-Fi bits pretty much the same thing That those guys are uploading and you Can download them to your computer and They're giving you full license to re-up Element to your own channel I'm gonna Show you how that works so if you go to The download page over here you can see That this track is free to use even Commercially like YouTube monetization So you are allowed to monetize that on Your YouTube channel that are giving you Full rights but you must include the Following credits in your videos Description so you can just copy and Paste their credits that's all they're Asking you for you can put that at the Bottom of the description and still keep Your channel monetized and make money Off of these tracks so as you can see This track is completely free and you Are allowed to use it you're not going To get in any copyright issues I know There's still going to be a lot of Comments that are going to be like Dave But you're just taking someone else's Content they literally want you to do That that's why they're posting them on This on this website and you can do it

For a completely free so make no excuses And actually do it so download as many Of these different songs click on the Download button to download them to your Computer as an MP3 and then for the C Through the step number three which is To go over to Google and search for Generate AI art you see there's a lot of Different websites and apps that will Allow you to generate free art with one Click of a button I'm going to use Creator.night which is an Air art maker and what we can do is we Can literally type it in a box what we Want to see on the screen so for example And they're gonna generate like 100 Unique content that has never been Generated before so you're gonna get Full rights to it because it's just once Generated and that's it the AI is going To create it for you and what you can do Is you can search for example a girl Studying under the stars in the desert And if I click on create now they will Generate once again 100 unique art that I will then be able to download with one Click of a button if you don't like it You can just generate another one but I'm gonna go with this one as you can See we can view the creation and we can Download this so I can download it with One click of a button as you say this is 100 unique art that I can use and if you Go back to those channels you will see

That it is actually very similar to what They're posting on their channels as Well so what you want to do next is you Want to edit that video and you can use This free video editing app called clip Champ you don't even have to install it It's like cloud-based so you can go to create an account click on Create a new video and you can start From scratch and you can just drag and Drop this image which was generated by AI you can place it on the screen like This you will change the size so you Need it to be in a 16.9 and then you Will just make sure that this fits the Scene properly so what I would do is I Would just drag it until it fits Something like this so this is pretty Fine I'm gonna go with this and then I'm Gonna just upload the audio files which I got from the previous website and you Can just add that as a background music So you can just add the track right over Here then you can drag this image all The way throughout the entire video so It fits throughout the entirety of this Video and what this will do is this will Make a video with it with a bit in the Background you're going to have this AI Generated image and you're gonna have These bits running so you can just Listen to it it's going to be pretty Much the same thing that those guys are Uploading to their channels and you can

Even add your own logo or you can add a Text or you can add a call to action for People to subscribe or to like your Videos or whatever and then you can just Once finishing the editing the video you Can just download it by pressing on the Export button and you can export it for Social media and it's going to have no Watermark so it's free it has no Watermarks or whatsoever and once you do That what you can do if you monetize Your channel even further and make more Money is something that those guys are Doing as well and that is to monetize it With links in the description so in this Case they're promoting like different Tracks people can actually buy albums And like physical disks and physical get Sets of music but what you can do is you Can sell merch so these guys are also Selling words like if you go to you can see that this Girl is actually selling her own merch Like her own clothes her own t-shirts Mugs pillows and stuff like that and you Can do the same thing you can just go Over to canva you can create a brand Around your channel and you can go to Digital design you can go to the search Bar type in t-shirt design design you Can find a lot of these different vent Plates and let's say for example I'm Gonna go with this one you can customize The template and then you can create

Your own designs if I want to type in For example subscribe to Dave Nick daily I can easily do that here's how it's Going to look like if instead of this Turtle I want to add some different Element I'm going to go to the elements Section and I'm going to type in for Example money and I can use for example This bag and just remove the turtle put It in the middle remove the background Change the color of the actual text so In this case let's say I'm going to use The green color and now I can download This I can download it as a transparent Image with no background and once I have It I can just go over to Teespring which Is a tool which is a website that will Allow you to launch your own merchandise From the comfort of your home without Actually investing a single dollar and Without actually having any inventory Without having the merge yourself Without actually having the physical T-shirts marks pillows and whatever you Can just go over to here you can apple Your Design what you made with canva so Just click on start creating then click On create a product and then you can Simply start from a T-shirt and what you Can do is you can just upload your Design just click on ADD image and Here's how it's going to look like for Me so here I have my own design on my Own t-shirt and I can now I can sell it

For 30 as you can see and I can publish It and I can grab a link for this T-shirt so people can buy it from my Teespring store and I can just link it In the description box of those YouTube Videos that I'm publishing from my YouTube channel and again in order to Actually earn money from ad Revenue in Order to actually manifest your YouTube Content your channel needs to be Approved into the partner program so if You want to get that done instantly Remember to go to Monetization for a very limited time or Click the first link in the description Box down below

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