How To Create Optin Page In Aweber – Easy Optin Page In Aweber

How to create a email opt-in form in Aweber welcome to my channel and this Five minute marketing tip we're gonna go Through how to create an opt-in page That in aweber and how you can do that Quickly and easily and how aweber can Host it for you so you don't actually Need your own domain or hosting or you Don't need to use WordPress or any other Page builder so let's jump right over First you're going to need an aweber Account so when you go to aweber and I'll leave links down below so if you Want to use my affiliate link to get an Aweber account I'd appreciate it and if Not that's fine but Um on their their pricing is essentially Um they have a free plan and then they Have paid plans and so you can Definitely start with a free plan it'll Give you one list where you can uh do Quite a bit of things but you just go Over here you can start with the aweber Free plan or you can see their pricing If you click there so let's jump on over Inside my aweber account now first thing You need to do when you're in aweber and Important to remember in aweber is you Need to make sure you're in the right List which is at the top of the page Here and so you can see I have all kinds Of different lists you can create a new List I'm not going to go through that Because that's pretty self-explanatory

And Um so we're in my test list and now the Things you want to do is first go down To list options and list settings which Is where we are and make sure your your Basic settings are correct your from Name address Etc and more importantly go Down to confirmation message because you Want to turn off Send the confirmation okay now if you Have the free plan you're not going to Be able to turn off this API option you Need a paid plan for that that's okay Because you're probably not using the API in this method anyway and then just Make sure you save those settings next You want to go to pages and forms open This up and then go to sign up forms now Aweber does have landing pages that you Can use but in this video I'm going to Show you a really easy way using a sign Up form click on for my website And when this opens up what I like to do Is on the template Gallery I like to use This simple template so let me load that And then come down here and delete the Header section delete the name section Delete the power by aweber and then Delete the footer section now under the Submit I like to use something like yes Uh plea oops um Send My Free report

Or video or whatever you're offering and Then I like to come up here and change The background color to a green because Green means go and then I like to make It 36 pixel for the text height and you Can choose any of the fonts I like the Trebuchet and then click save the field And then let's stretch this out as wide As it'll go and now what you're going to Do is add an image okay this is the way It makes it really simple inside aweber And I create all mine in canva so again I'll leave a link below they have a free Plan which is really all you need I do Have their their Pro Plan Which gives you a ton more options but The free plan is plenty enough because What you're going to do is you're going To create an image ideally you want to Make it about 500 pixels wide by 500 Pixels tall okay so that's the rough Dimensions 500 by 500 pixels and then You're going to create that image and Then you're going to click on add an Image and so we're going to go down here Click on image gallery now I have my Image uploaded already it's this one And so let's go ahead and click on that Let's click Center just so the image is Centered and now hit save and so now if We scroll down here's the image when you Just drag that up and so now our image Is on top of the email opt-in and the Button they're going to click and you

Want to make your image really simple Okay this converts at about 40 to 50 Percent with traffic cold traffic Because it's a very simple it gives them A very simple decision do they want to Do this or not if they do they put their Email in and click yes if not they won't So anyway save your form and then on Step two Go down go to step two now this is where You do want to rename this I usually Just put free report because this will Show up in the browser tab whatever you Put in there and then for the thank you Page you can use theirs if you want but I like to go to custom page and enter in Either a custom thank you page that I've Made that maybe has some offers on it And tells them to go check their inbox Or you can put an affiliate offer here Or you can put the report here okay so Right now I'm just going to Um just use their basic version Um Oops I'm just going to let me do that so Anyway we'll when you click save let me Just put in because I'm running out of Time for my five minutes let's go ahead And just uh put in Google so you can see Okay and then save that And then to wrap up go to step three and Now click on use my form as a landing Page and this is what you're going to Use this link is where you're going to

Send your traffic and so if we open this In a new browser you'll see here is your Opt-in page and that's how easy it is to Create a opt-in page using aweber and Letting aweber host the opt-in page for You so you don't need a domain hosting Or a page builder I hope you found this Helpful if so please leave a thumbs up To like the video and subscribe if you Haven't yet so you can get more of these Five minute marketing tips thanks so Much for watching

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