How to Make PASSIVE Income With a FACELESS AI Automated YouTube Channel (FREE TOOLS)

Are you looking to make a passive income without showing your face on YouTube? An automated YouTube channel powered by AI may be the way to go. In this blog post, you’ll discover everything you need to know about setting up your own faceless channel, along with some free tools to get you started on your journey to earning money on autopilot. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of AI-powered YouTube channels and passive income.

How to Make PASSIVE Income With a FACELESS AI Automated YouTube Channel (FREE TOOLS)

Are you interested in making passive income with a YouTube channel without showing your face on camera? It’s completely possible with the help of AI software and other free tools available online. In this article, we will explore how you can create a successful YouTube channel without any live action filming or showcasing your face.


Creating a successful YouTube channel can be challenging, especially if you’re not confident in front of a camera or don’t want to show your face. However, utilizing AI software like ChatGPT can help you create a brand-new channel with ease. Additionally, there are many free tools available online that can make the process smoother for you. Let’s dive deep into these tools and understand how they can help you create a money-generating business.

AI Software like ChatGPT is Enabling People to Generate Passive Income

ChatGPT is an AI-based software that can generate unique and creative content. You can use it to design ideas for videos or write scripts using their chat-bot version. It saves time and effort while generating original content for you in seconds. With this tool, you can easily create content for your YouTube channel without spending hours brainstorming.

One Can Make Profitable Online Business Using Free Tools Like YouTube

YouTube is a completely free platform that can help you create a successful online business. All you need is creativity, consistency, and proper utilization of free tools available online. Even a single viral video can bring in passive income for years to come.

Instructional Videos Can Help Create Videos Exactly Like a Successful YouTube Channel

If you’re struggling with video production, instructional videos and video tutorials can be your savior. These videos explain how to create high-quality content, using perfect lighting, color correction, and other special effects. By learning from instructional videos, you can create videos that look like a professional YouTube channel.

Coaching and Mentoring Available on is a website that offers coaching and mentoring programs to anyone interested in creating a successful YouTube channel. You can learn from experienced and successful YouTube creators who have already made passive income. The website offers step-by-step guidance to beginners, so they are not lost during the process.

Sign Up to Canva and Unlock AI Bot to Use the Tools

Canva is a graphic design platform that offers an AI bot that can help you design professional-looking logos, banners, and other graphics. You can use Canva to create thumbnail images for your YouTube videos or even an animated logo with ease.

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InVideo is an online video editing platform with pre-made templates, animation tools, and a built-in music library to choose from. It also provides users with a drag-and-drop interface that’s user-friendly. By using the coupon code SMT30, you can avail of a 30% discount on InVideo Premium.

Access Convert Kit to Build Free Landing Pages and Collect Emails

Convert kit is a tool that helps you build landing pages to create email lists. It’s an excellent tool to engage with your audience and keep them updated on new content. By collecting email addresses, you can keep your subscribers updated on your YouTube channel and monetize it.

Sign Up to Speechelo for Best A.I Voice Overs

Speechelo is an online text-to-speech tool that generates high-quality voiceovers to your written text. With a variety of accents and languages, you can generate bold and clear voices for your video voice-overs.

Sign Up to VidIQ to Rank Videos Faster

VidIQ is an AI-based tool that helps you optimize your YouTube videos to rank higher in search engines. VidIQ analyses each video and offers suggestions and scores based on keywords, competition, and other factors. By following these suggestions, you can optimize your videos for search and rank higher in search engines.

The Channel Making Up To $25,000/Month through AI Automated Short Videos

Believe it or not, an AI Automated Short Video channel with no live action footage made over $25,000 per month. Their content was created using AI software, and they used free tools like YouTube to distribute their videos. With the help of AI, they created high-quality content that engaged their audience and made them money.


Creating a successful YouTube channel is a multi-step process that requires creativity, consistency, and utilizing the right tools. By using these free tools like ChatGPT, Canva, InVideo, and others, you can create AI-generated videos with high-quality content and graphics. It’s possible to make passive income using YouTube without ever showing your face in front of the camera. By analyzing and utilizing the free tools available online, you can make your YouTube channel thrive.


  1. Can I make money on YouTube without showing my face on camera?
    Yes, you can make money on YouTube without showing your face on camera by utilizing AI software, free tools, and instructional videos.

  2. Is it challenging to use AI software and other online tools for video production?
    No, using AI software and other online tools for video production is incredibly user-friendly. There are many instructional videos that can help guide you through the process.

  3. How can I learn video production skills to create a successful YouTube channel?
    You can learn video production skills from instructional videos available for free on YouTube or through coaching and mentoring programs like the ones available on

  4. What type of videos should I produce to generate passive income on YouTube?
    You can produce any type of video that is engaging and can bring in a considerable number of views. With AI software like ChatGPT, you can generate ideas that cater to your audience’s preferences.

  5. Is it possible to make a lot of money on YouTube with AI automated videos?
    Yes, it’s possible to make a lot of money with AI automated videos on YouTube. The channel that made $25,000 per month is proof of this.

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