No-Work $4,700/Week Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners (2024)

As I delve into the world of Pinterest affiliate marketing, I am excited to share a comprehensive tutorial for beginners on how to earn $4,700 per week without the need for excessive work. Join me on this journey as I uncover the strategies and tips for successful affiliate marketing on Pinterest in 2024.


Hey there, folks! Today, I’m super excited to share my thoughts on Dave Nick Daily’s latest video where he dives into the fascinating world of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing. As someone always on the lookout for new ways to boost my income without breaking a sweat, this video couldn’t have come at a better time. So, let’s jump right in and see what this revolutionary tutorial has in store for us!

What’s the Buzz About?

In his video, Dave Nick Daily spills the beans on how to rake in a whopping $4,700 per week through Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, painting a vivid picture of a no-work strategy that sounds almost too good to be true.

Unpacking the Secrets

  • Dave reveals the potential to earn up to $8,000 in monthly prizes by joining the vibrant community.
  • The video highlights the incredible opportunity to access courses and coaching programs worth a hefty $4,250 each month entirely for free.
  • It emphasizes the power of direct communication with a diverse array of global entrepreneurs within the community, fostering invaluable connections and collaborations.

Getting Down to Business

So, what’s the catch, you ask? Well, as Dave warns, the bonuses accompanying this golden opportunity are set to expire come Monday, making it a limited-time chance that’s not to be missed.

Tips and Tricks

  • Dave sheds light on leveraging AI-generated faceless videos on Pinterest to secure a comfortable income stream.
  • He introduces the game-changing capabilities of Chat GPT’s free AI tools for effortless video creation without any upfront investment.
  • The importance of crafting videos with mass appeal to reel in a broader audience on Pinterest is a key focus.
  • Promoting CPA offers on tap mob or emerges as a lucrative avenue for earning when users input their email addresses.
  • Selecting a minimum of five CPA offers for promotion through tools like or Beon Ai is touted as a strategic move.
  • Building a landing page featuring multiple offers can significantly enhance affiliate commission earnings on Pinterest.


In conclusion, Dave Nick Daily’s Pinterest Affiliate Marketing tutorial offers a treasure trove of insights and strategies for beginners looking to dip their toes into the realm of passive income generation. With a bit of creativity, dedication, and the right tools at our disposal, there’s no telling where this exciting journey might take us!


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