OLSP Academy Magic Link List Building Training – OLSP Academy Review – OLSP Magic Link Review

Hello welcome to my Channel today we're Talking about the olsp academy magic Link email list building training and it Is a really really uh excellent training If you have any interest at all in Building an email list and email Marketing then you're going to watch You're gonna love watching this video And what I have to share with you and it Is super important you always hear about You know the saying the money is in the List in your email list and that is true And that's been true for a long time and I think that'll continue to be true for A long time as well so if you're new to The Channel Please Subscribe love to Have you join my other subscribers and Also to keep getting new content so What is olsp Academy if you're not Familiar with it here we are inside my Olsp account And when you log in this is the Dashboard that you'll see now I'm not Gonna I have other videos that talk About all the other parts of olsp so um I'm not going to go in depth about any Of those today because today we're just Talking about the list building training So I'm going to leave a link in the Description box down below and you just Click on it and it is going to take you To a sign up page And so if you click on the link in the Description below it'll take you to

Assignment sign up page or opt-in page It'll look something like this they Rotate them frequently so if I hit if I Refresh the page you should see another One come up but the bottom line is you Want to go ahead and just put your email Address in Click start earning now and It'll basically create a free account In olsp Academy so again today we're Focusing on the email list building Training so if I click on this link it Is going to open up this page Uh this page and it is going to go Through a few short videos that talk About how to build your email list and Then to use what they call the magic Link to earn commissions anytime someone Clicks on your magic link And so I just encourage you the first Thing you need to do in order to access This training you need to have your Free Olsp Academy account set up so if you Don't have one click the link Down Below In the description box again it'll take You to this page put in your email Opt-in and it you'll get a free account Set up and then uh just click on this List building training link and it'll Take you here so watch this video where Uh Wayne does an overview of what the Magic link is you can join their Facebook group you can also register for A live uh web class for some more Training and then just click down here

Go to step number one step number one He's going to talk take you through the Three click setup how to quickly and Easily create a squeeze page to capture Leads how you can do that very simple And easily just click here and it'll Take you to that software that does that For you then go on to step two and here He's going to show you how to connect Your email autoresponder to that squeeze Page that you just built and this is how You're going to build your email list Inside your email autoresponder so you Need to connect that to your squeeze Page very easy to do Wayne walks you Right through it uh here's you can get Your free autoresponder account so you Can get that set up and connected to to Your squeeze page and then go to step Three Where he talks about how to make Commissions and how you can instantly Monetize all your traffic by using this Magic link it's this magic link when People click on it you're either going To earn a flat rate commission which Right now is 30 cents per click so That's pretty cool because usually when People click on a link you don't earn Anything unless they purchase something Here you're going to earn 30 cents just Because they click on your link now that Magic link will take them to either Another affiliate offer which they can

Then purchase something and you earn Another commission if they purchase Something so and Wayne explains it all In this video so make sure you watch This and then When you click on this button start Running commissions that's going to get You access to your own magic link URL And the magic Link Training that you Need and also you're going to get 100 Free clicks when you click on this Button it's going to take you to a Checkout page where you're going to get The magic link for forty seven dollars And so that'll give get you the magic Link uh and the training to set it up Plus 100 bonus clicks of solo ad traffic Now for reference Um if you go over to Wayne's solo ad Traffic sales page and we'll scroll down You'll see his pricing 100 clicks Normally costs 99 for 100 clicks and so You're going to buy not only get access To be able to earn commissions through The magic link and the training to set It up for forty seven dollars but you're Also going to get a hundred silhouette Clicks which normally would cost you Ninety dollars so you're getting a 50 Discount on the solo ad traffic clicks But also on the magic link and in that Training So if you click here I'm inside You'll go through it'll give you your

Magic link and it'll take you through The video series of how to set that up So you can start earning commissions and That's in this training area Okay Um And again you're going to get 100 clicks Included with your purchase of that Magic link for just uh forty seven Dollars or half price Um when you purchase your magic link and Your email list building training today So this is what I would encourage you to Do again Um go click the link in the description Box down below that'll take you to one Of these opt-in Pages again it might Look different because they're you know Frequently Um split testing these there you go see There's a different you know colors and A little bit of verbiage is different And so it'll look a little different Depending on which one you land on but Don't worry about it just put your email Address in uh click to give me access And that will automatically create a Free olsp account for you and once you Log into your Free olsp Academy account Go to this link the list building Training and when you click on that it Is going to take you just watch these Videos it'll take you through the Process and then when you get to the Last video

Uh go ahead and purchase your magic link For forty seven dollars so you can get The training and how to get that set up And you can get a hundred bonus clicks Included uh to go ahead and start Earning commissions off that magic link So I hope you found this helpful if so Give a thumbs up if you have any Questions at all the text number up Above is a real number you can text me Any questions you have I do respond to Those I'm happy to respond or certainly Leave me messages or comments down below Under the video and I'll reply there as Well thanks so much for watching I hope You found this helpful uh go and grab Start your OSP Academy free account by Clicking the link below and opting in And then jump right into that list Building training and get started with Email marketing list building and Generating uh commissions and you can Literally have this done in just a Matter of a few hours and start earning Commissions right away thanks again

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