OLSP Academy Review – OLSP Dominator Review – FULL Review & Demo – OLSP Academy & Dominator Review

And this olsp Academy review I'm going To give you an overview of what olsp is And how I can benefit you in your Journey to make money online first Welcome to my channel thanks so much if You haven't subscribed yet uh please hit That subscriber Button as I'm trying to Grow the channel and help provide Content that is hopefully helpful for Everyone so olsp is a online training System Where they provide uh free training they Have 33 different levels we'll go Through but essentially what they do is They provide traffic training and how to Grow an online business by getting Traffic and promoting affiliate products So essentially it's affiliate marketing Um and then really a lot of training Traffic training so here I am on log Into my account you can see to date I've Earned 556.18 And I'm going to kind of highlight a few Things in here so when you log in this Is kind of where you when you log into Your account this is where you're taken And Um you know they kind of give you a Snapshot down here Commissions in the Past 30 days and referrals from the past 30 days And then a couple of things I want to Point out first is this Academy training So if we click on that it's going to

Open up this page And this is the olsp training academy And these are the three main membership Levels the olsp academy level which is Their Free level and you get tons of Great training see there's five units That are included you just click on Watch it'll pull up a video you watch The video you can join the Facebook Group Um Etc look they'll have some links below Certain videos with different action to Take And so you just go through each of these Five units and so this they talk about Using their Mega link they have what They call their Mega link which is right Here and that's a basically an affiliate Link that is hard coded to you and so Anything you promote through olsp You can earn a commission on so whether It's someone buying one of their Products if someone buys solo ad traffic If someone buys a product off a webinar Training Um really anything they buy you earn a Commission now commissions go up Depending you know are higher depending On what level you're at Um but that's their Mega link you can Earn points for cash or leaderboards Right um you know try to get on the Leaderboard

Um your leads this is where they talk About the commissions getting things set Up Um and then they get into traffic Training so I'm going to go through each Of these but this is all included in the Free level and you earn commissions on The free levels just obviously uh lower You know a lesser amount if you're a Free member and then you can upgrade to Dominators this is a paid training And this is um currently 99 a month you Know prices can always go up if you're Interested in starting a dominator or You know becoming a paid member I do Have a link I can share with you to Start for um uh your first month at Forty seven dollars and the great thing Is the first month I joined I had Another Dominator start uh join as Someone else joined as a dominator and They pay a hundred percent commission on That first Dominator so you you Basically get your first you know you Know for free Um and then but then you get recurring Commissions of 30 every month for anyone Who's paying as a dominator member and So if you have three dominators that get Started with you then essentially your Your monthly payment is free and so they Have some great traffic here They have a really nice Traffic Challenge that I'm going through right

Now some really good uh bonus training That I've watched and then their last Membership level is this VIP which I'm Not at that level yet because that is a High ticket and so you can earn Commissions Um as a free member even on high ticket Sales now it's obviously much lower You get more uh commission as a Dominator from a high ticket sale and Then as a VIP you get really big Commissions uh in the thousands of Dollar range every time someone joins as A VIP so so that's the training and Again once your account is set up jump Click on Academy training and that will Open this page where you have all the Training for you depending on what level You're at now the other thing I want to Point out They have different products in here That you can purchase I'm not going to Go through those right now this is where You can see the commissions that you've Earned and so let me just show you real Quick you can see commissions I have 101 Dollars I can pull out Um you know here's some commissions Um from Magic link Uh commissions I'd made a dollar twenty This is someone who upgraded to Dominator uh again magic link Commissions some purchases that were Made so

Um you can also make money Um as a dominator from their training Webinars so you can promote the training Webinars and you can make money somebody Purchases from a training webinar but What I want to go to is comment Domination so I think let me pull that Up here so in comment domination as a Free member you can use this Um You can use this top part up here and Basically what allows you to do is you Can post so if you have social media Posts on Facebook YouTube or Instagram You can Get other people to comment on your Posts on your on Facebook YouTube or Instagram and then that helps your posts Gain traction okay and that then builds Your social media following get you more Exposure on social media and so it's a System where everybody po you know Comments on each other's things to help Drive the algorithm to get better Traffic and so using social media as a Free traffic Source now in order to get People to come as a free member in order To get people to comment on your post You have to comment on theirs first and Then you can get other people to comment On yours but this is a really really Great way to build up a social your free Social media traffic so this is super Super powerful

Now you can buy something called Compment domination Pro or it's included If you are at the Dominator level and The great thing about this is People will you know if they don't want To do the free they can buy comment Credits and so essentially buying Traffic and you can use those comments To come in here use those credits and You can go in here and you can add Comments and once you add comments then You get paid uh 25 cents for a comment That you leave so not a ton right but so I've left you know 36 Um I've made 36 comments so far and Earned nine dollars it may not seem like A lot but it's a you know it's great Because as a dominator you get 40 Credits every month as part of being a Dominator and so if you're making you Know one Facebook post a week and maybe Assign 10 credits you could do that so If you have 40 credits per month To use and that's free traffic or you Can buy credits you can go to comment Credits purchase them and then use that To drive your social media presence and Then this can obviously help offset your Dominator membership every month because You're not only so it's really achieving Two pretty cool things one it's helping You get uh your social media following Built up and working those social media Algorithms but then also you're

Offsetting any cost you have for being a Dominator member so that's very cool so I want to highlight that and then lastly I want to highlight uh here I am inside The dominators area You know so they have some training uh This is that discount I again I Mentioned that you can offer to people Who maybe want to start as at the Dominator we can get it at half price For the first month you do get access to The magic link which I'm going to go Over in just a second they show you how To add your um email autoresponder Opt-in manage your subscription but I Want to cover this the coaching calls You do get two coaching calls where they Kind of help guide you through Um what your goals are come up with a Plan and answer any questions that you Have so that's certain helpful but then You also get as a dominator The blood member you also get higher Commissions on their Mega funnel on on High ticket sales as a free member I Think you get 10 so you're getting 25 Percent Um you're going to get commission for um Again 30 commissions for Dom any Dominator sign ups Um they have a separate Facebook group You get um your own q a session every Week Um

That it the free members don't get Access to you get all the additional Training you're able to give out bonus Products right as a way to try to Encourage people Um you know to join or to upgrade they Give you checklists that you can use Again as incentives for others well to Help yourself and as incentives you also Get a uh do affiliate promotions which You're not able to do as a free member You can have an automated message that Goes in anytime somebody joins your Group You can make commissions when people buy Silhouettes uh 20 on the first level and Then 10 as a second level sale Um and again higher commissions and all The traffic toolbox products and then You get magic link access and you get Free traffic every month which comes out To about 30 to 150 New Leads every month Which is pretty cool so that's included With your Dominator membership so lastly I just want to talk about this magic Link access what is that well When you're on the home page when you Log in if you click on list building Training then that is going to open up This and this is a great product that Talks about What they they did call their magic link Okay and so you just watch these three Videos introduction how to set up

This three click setup for squeeze page To build your email list how to build Your list And then how to make commissions and the Cool thing is when you have access to This magic link Anytime somebody clicks on your magic Link You earn a 30 Cent commission which may Not sound like a lot but that can add up And you're getting paid Um to build your email list and so you Know if you say Um and the other thing too when you when You um Purchase the this magic list uh Magic Link the training and whatnot it's 47 is The current pricing so not only get Access to the magic link where you can Earn 30 commissions every time someone Clicks your magic link but you also get 100 free click solo ad okay and that That is um uh ninety dollars uh normally For those 100 clicks but you're getting Free Um so not only do you get the ability to Earn 30 Cent commissions every time Someone clicks it but you get a hundred Free clicks now the way they have you Set it up is as soon as someone opts in With their email Then you will Um When they click you know to subscribe

That will take that will be a click on Your magic link and so say you get 100 Free clicks well if you have say a 50 Opt-in rate then that means you're going To get 50 new subscribers that will Click on your magic link and so uh 50 Times 30 cents is what 15 right so you'd Make fifteen dollars just from people Clicking on your magic link and so it's A great way to offset any solo ad Purchases that you make you can also Make affiliate product commissions as Well so it's not just the 30 cents per Click but you can also make money from Different affiliate promotions Um so Um I hope that helps if you have any Questions at all there should be a text Number at the top of this video you can Text me I do answer that that is a real Text number please subscribe to my Channel if you haven't yet uh leave me Any comments with any questions that you Might have about olsp and if you decide To join I'll leave my link down below so Oh I should show you when you click that Link down below it's going to take you To an opt-in page it should look Something like this although you know They do rotate these through so it might Look different but once you enter your Email and click start earning now you're Going to automatically get set up with An account for olsp you'll be emailed

Login directions go ahead and get that Account set up and then that'll take you To This page once you log into your account And then you can start going through the Academy training and again reach out if You have any questions at all thanks so Much for watching

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