REPURPOSE Videos With ONE CLICK! $500 a Day With Short Videos & Affiliate Marketing! (TOO EASY)

I'm about to show you how you can make Money online with just one click take a Look at this this talk will help you Repurpose long form videos into shorts With just one click what does that mean Well that means that you can start to Make money with YouTube shorts you can Start to make money with Tick Tock Instagram rules that means you can also Upload these videos on to Facebook rules And also Twitter and there are people Doing this right now and making a lot of Money with affiliate marketing Repurposing this content there are Several ways that you can absolutely Crush it and make money with this Strategy the best one obviously is with Affiliate marketing and on this video I'm gonna walk you through this entire Strategy step by step when I say that You can do this with just one click you Need to see this to believe it and this Software does everything for you it's Powered by Ai and does everything for You it adds the captions it breaks up The videos and you're not going to Believe how easy this is plus I want to To show you how you can add those Affiliate marketing products so that you Can start to make some serious money Online so the first thing that you want To do is you want to come over to YouTube now this strategy works best With a podcast different types of videos

Where people are talking about different Types of things now you can imagine Doing this in a niche like business or Crypto investing make money online Affiliate marketing would be amazing you Can also do this with different types of Health and fitness advice and a whole Range of different types of niches once I show you how this works you'll exactly Know how to break this up so what you Want to do on YouTube as an example you Can just come over here and type in Something like podcast for example when You scroll down you're going to find a Range of different types of videos the Best videos that this works for are Videos that are over 15 minutes long a 15 minute video can give you seven eight Nine ten videos sometimes even 15 videos Sometimes even it'll give you more Videos depending how the software breaks It up so you've got half a month's worth Of content on all these different Platforms in just a few minutes so what You want to do is scroll down and take a Look at all these different types of Videos that you can use and then you Need to choose one and I'm going to show You one that I'm going to repurpose in a Second but before I do that I want to Show you some channels that are Currently doing this and absolutely Crushing it I mean take a look at this Channel over here called money moth this

Channel gets tens of millions of views Every single month over 28 million views On these different types of videos and Take a look at this they don't own any Of this content guys this content you Can see they're putting up videos of Mr Beast they're putting up videos of Logan Paul they're putting up different types Of videos of KSI boxes all these Different types of videos none of these Videos guys are theirs they're just Going out and breaking up these Different videos into short form content And you can imagine when you add an Affiliate link to this or promotions on The back of this you can start to make Some serious money online both on all These platforms plus with affiliate Marketing sponsorships Etc so here's one Channel that's doing it and they're Obviously haven't been removed off YouTube or any other social media Platform but just to show you aim of Even more proof here is another Channel Over here called Ben Lionel Scott again This dude whoever's uploading these Videos none of these videos are his yes He's repurposing the content a little Bit but this software is going to do all This for you you're absolutely not going To believe and as you scroll down you Can see this is someone else that's also Doing this this person not only does he Do it with shorts this person's also

Doing it with long format content so Just wanted to show you exactly what These other channels are doing and how They're doing it what we want to do now Is I want to show you a video that I Found which is this one over here now This is an interview a podcast with Jordan Peterson okay and this is on a Channel called The Diary of a CEO this Person will interview different types of Successful people and then what you want To do is you could potentially break These videos down so in order to break This video down what you want to do is You want to come up to the top you want To double click onto this and you want To copy it from here what we want to do If you appreciate this video is I want You to go down the bottom and smash that Like button in appreciation and if You're not subscribed to the channel Make sure you go down the bottom and hit That subscribe button because I'm coming Out with some awesome content you don't Want to miss it tap that notification Bell so you get notified every time I Post a brand new video so now what you Want to do is you want to come over to This platform it's called Opus Pro and As you can see one long video can turn Into 10 viral Clips create 10 times Faster you can see here that Opus clip Is the generation AI video tool that Repurposes long format content in just

One click if you have your own YouTube Videos you can very easily paste those Videos into here and it's going to give You a whole heap of shorts that you can Create of your own content and then you Can upload them on to YouTube now as you Scroll down guys you can see here like I Told you shorts Tick Tock Instagram Facebook rules Twitter Etc and this Software is so simple to use I'm going To show you exactly how we're going to Use it so we've copied that clip from YouTube of Jordan Peterson what you want To do is you want to come over here now And you want to paste that link in there Now very important I want you to pay Close attention to this take a look at This it says here our algorithm works Best for videos that are conversational Driven and you can see it's got Different examples so video podcast Educational videos commentary videos Podcasts reviews motivational speeches Things where it doesn't work best is Obviously Vlogs and music video so now What we want to do once we've pasted you Want to click on to get Clips you can See here what's going to happen now is That Opus clip is going to start to Break up this video into different Videos it's even going to tell you that It's fetching the these videos okay of Jordan This is the title and it's even Going to tell you an estimated time so

It takes around 10 minutes to get all These videos you can see it's already Dropped to eight minutes so what happens Is once this is finalized it's going to Break these videos down for you so from That one video not only does it break Down the videos for you but take a look At this it also gives you a title for Every single one of these clips it's Broken down so you already have a YouTube title you've got a video and Take a look at this it also gives you a Score of how good this video potentially Is and it even tells you look viral Score the likelihood that this video Will go viral on shorts Tick Tock and Reels gives it a score of 99. now when You scroll down here you can very easily Play this video and take a look at this Not only has it broken this video down For you but it's also captioned the Video which means it's going to have This writing over the top of it which Looks absolutely amazing I'm going to Show you how you can edit that so if You're to play this video my favorite Products from is called the zappy which I have so I'm just going to pause that Now what happens is you can see here That it's changing the colors from White Text yellow text green text Etc and this Is because the AI software is really Good at reading and collecting the data Of all the text let me show you how good

It is if we come over here guys and we Click onto this edit clip so if we click Onto this it's going to bring us over to Their editor so I'm just going to Quickly log in to show you how to edit This all right so I've very quickly Logged in now this is the back office of This particular video and when you come Over you guys take a look at this this Is the entire text and you can see this Is the yellow writing that's going to Pop up and if you play this video you're Going to see that everything that Changes this is why this is yellow Etc And when you come down to here if you Click onto this you can see here that This is where all the green is so if you Want to change the color for anything You absolutely can all you need to do is Come over here to preferences and play Around with this you can change the Color you can change the text you can Change the font Etc so many things that You you can do but I like to leave this As is and it still looks absolutely Amazing so I'm just going to close this Off and come back to here because I want To show you a couple more things now you Can see that like I said it's given us a Title it's giving us a video but what It's also done is this is one video this Is a second video third video fourth Video it even numbers them again like I Said it gives you a title scroll down so

From this video you can see that it's Actually given us 15 different clips That we can use to upload this onto all These different Platforms in the form of Short content which then you can link Back to an affiliate marketing product And make money with affiliate marketing On all these platforms including short Videos okay so you can see like I said It's going to give you a different score For every single one of them now what You want to do guys quite simply is you Want to come over here and you can see That you can download this video the Good thing about Opus clip guys at the Moment is it's free it's not going to Cost you anything so I highly recommend That you get onto this as soon as Possible so now what you want to do is Just come over here and hit download to HD and you can see this video has now Been downloaded if I double click onto This you're going to see that this is That video if I play this That's that video and if I move this Over you can see that that is that video And it looks absolutely amazing so now What you need to do is quite simply Scroll down and download every single One of the videos that you want to use Once you've downloaded all these videos It's then up to you which one of these Platforms you want to go to start Uploading this content like I already

Showed you guys you can easily do this On platforms like Instagram here is a Channel that does something very similar It's called Way start your time 117 000 Followers here is a link tree link where They are promoting different types of Products you can see they're doing the Exact same thing you're going to find Many of these different types of Profiles you can definitely find them on YouTube you can find them on Facebook And obviously like I'm just showing you Now on Instagram if you come over to Tick tock as well guys and you type in Motivational for example inspirational Anything Health Etc you're going to find A lot of these different types of Accounts and if you click on this here's One that I found it's called bigger Tomorrow they've got 1.4 million Followers and they're doing exact same Thing again they're linking back to Different types of affiliate marketing Products and different things that they Want to promote so where are you going To go to find a different product or a Product that you can start promoting Well one platform that you can very Easily go to guys is you can come over To ClickBank and what you want to do is Quite simply create an account for Yourself if ClickBank is not available In your country guys look for a product That is go to Warrior plus go to

Digital24 go to share a sale go to Amazon go to Independent affiliate Marketing networks there are plenty out There that you can find search for Affiliate marketing offers in a Particular Niche and I guarantee you you Will find one for your country once you Have signed up you create an account for Yourself it's going to bring you over to Their Marketplace okay just click up to The top go to Marketplace from there if You scroll over to the left hand side You've got this all section once you Click onto this what you can do from There if you scroll down you can see That one of the one of the categories is Business and investing okay so if you're Doing a business type of Channel a Crypto different types of investing Whether it's the share market whatever It might be you can very easily click Onto this and this is going to show you Different types of products that you can Promote you can go here to sort results By I always recommend selecting the Gravity High first because these are Products that are already converting if You scroll down you can see here's one On Forex if you make a sale you're going To make 42.92 scroll down here is another one Something about wood profits you need to Click onto these individually to be able To promote these different types of

Products but depending on the content That you're creating you can see that ClickBank has a range of different types Of products here is another one 100 to 10K in 40 days Forex Trading you put That inside the description of these Shorts I guarantee you people are going To click onto these different types of Links every time somebody purchases You're going to make 39.68 when you've Got channels like this one over here Getting 28.95 Million views every single month I Guarantee you people are going to be Click onto there if you can't make a Hundred dollars every single day with 28.952 million followers there is um Views there is something very very wrong I guarantee you'll be making a lot more Than that it's just consistency the Crazy thing about even this channel is This channel only started on the 23rd of January 2022 it already has 72 000 subscribers not using their content They're clipping this content they're Shortening and uploading it the other Thing that you can do guys when you're On ClickBank if you don't want to do Anything for example with business and Investing if you come back to all you Can scroll down you can go to E-Business And e-marketing just click onto that and You're going to find a range of other Products if you're doing affiliate

Marketing make money online Etc again You want to get a gravity high to low Scroll down I mean look at this people Are always looking for more work they're Always looking to make more money live Chat jobs and it's this one says have You tried this one so you can very Easily Market this the exact same way Every time somebody signs up to these Purchases you're going to make fifty six Dollars and 58 cents all you need to do Is come over here click onto this Promote button over here and then click On to create hop link and this is going To give you a link from there what you Want to do is you want to shorten this Link you can very easily use platforms Like this tiny URL and click on that and What's going to happen it's going to Bring you over here you can very easily Paste that in it and shorten that link You can also use a platform like bitly I'm sure a lot of you have heard about Bitly you can come over here and find it Another really good software to shorten Your links and one that I currently use Is this one over here called link tree Okay linktow.e if you come over here Guys this is a really good one and Reason I like this is that you can add Multiple links so you'll find a lot of These different types of accounts on Instagram and Tick Tock Etc using Linktree because they're able to promote

Multiple of these different types of Products so all you need to do is come Over your create an account for yourself Subscribe down and add multiple Different types of affiliate marketing Products and this is how you're going to Be able to make money with YouTube Shorts with affiliate marketing you know Affiliate marketing on the back of tick Tock Instagram Facebook rules Etc all That's left for you to do now is to use This software find different types of Videos get these videos shortened and Start uploading to these different types Of platforms and you'll be well on your Way to making some serious money with Affiliate marketing and short form Content now if you want a full in-depth Tutorial on how you can make money on Instagram copying and pasting videos Highly recommend that you click onto This video over very similar to this but You're not getting it from Long format Videos you're directly using it from Shorts click onto this video over here Right now I'll see you on that video Until next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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