The 5 BEST Side Hustles for Beginners Who are BROKE (2021)
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Side Hustles 2021 – Easy Money Methods That Work

Having a solid side hustle is one of the best ways to start building multiple streams of income, and to start to not only take away from your day job, but also to just get to a much more comfortable place with your lifestyle while you’re doing your nine to five.

So today I’m gonna break down kind of some really great advice for beginners who are looking to start a side hustle and wanna know that they’re not going to be exhausted and struggling. I want us to get to like a healthy version of hustle, ’cause I really believe that if you decide that you’re gonna sign up for a season of hustle, you can avoid a lifetime of hardship.

Let’s get into the video. Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake helping you create something awesome today. So today let’s talk about side hustles for beginners. And let’s look at the fact that you’re still at your nine to five job.

Let’s make this as realistic as possible. Use some common sense. So the first thing we have to figure out is how much actual time you can invest into these side hustles to make any kind of money. We also need to address having as little costs to do any of this as possible.

And so for beginners I’m gonna focus on things that require time and almost no money. Side hustles that might be $0. We also have to look at your energy because you’ve been working your nine to five, you put in your 40, 50, or even 60 hours for the week.

So again this gotta be realistic. Let’s start with something really simple is a website where you can help people make websites or make mobile apps understand whether or not their user interface sucks or whether it’s a good user experience.

That’s why it’s called UserTesting. Typically you can make 15 even up to $25 depending on the user test that you do. Now, this is actually really competitive and there may not be a lot of available test whenever you’re free from work or you’re on your lunch break.

And a lot of times there’s not as many available tests on the weekend. So this could be something that is challenging but at least it is an opportunity to make some extra income. And it doesn’t require you to have any real special skills.

You just need access to the internet in order to do this. And so it’s gonna cost you $0. Now another convenient side hustle for beginners is to go into something where you’re selling products.

Print On Demand is really cool. And basically we’re talking about, printing up t-shirts and being able to sell them. Back in the day you used to have to buy a screen printing machine and then sell at the flea market or like Daymond John with FUBU sell out of the trunk of your car.

You also used to have the upfront cost of having to buy that screen printing machine, buy the shirts, and hoodies wholesale. And you’d also have a lot of bad runs where you just messed up the shirts.

But today you can use websites like Teespring and Spreadshirt. Also another great tool for you. If you’re doing any kind of print on demand service. is going to be I’m gonna link to all of these resources by the way, in the description down below so that you can do all of this stuff.

But I really think that these things could help you because at least if you’re doing print on demand and get paid more than once. I’ve done an entire video on selling t-shirts online and how to make money doing it.

I’m gonna link to that in the info card here and in the description down below. Now it’s important to realize that none of this stuff is going to make you rich. This stuff is just going to make you a little bit more comfortable and add some cash into your pockets on top of your nine to five job.

So that you can be a little bit less stressed out. Most people in America don’t have $1,000 in savings. This could help you build that emergency fund. It could also help you save up for a piece of gear or equipment that you know will help you to make more money in the future and not have to take away or risk not paying any of your current bills.

So that’s why this is just about being realistic. I’m not telling you that you’re gonna be able to start making money in your sleep overnight. That doesn’t happen. Now, if you think that you are entertaining and you have what it takes you obviously could start a YouTube channel as a side hustle with just a smartphone that you already have.

Famous YouTuber MrBeast got to 200,000 subscribers with just his smartphone. Janelle Eliana also knows the Vanlife Girl made her first viral videos with just an iPhone. And the new iPhone 12 which I’m gonna be talking about more and more on the channel for content creators is actually one of the best devices I’ve ever seen when it comes to content creation.

And it’s infinitely better than the first camera I had when I made my YouTube videos. So YouTube can be a really lucrative side hustle. However, you’re probably not gonna make money off of it in the first 30 days or even the first 90 days.

So just be in mind that you have to have realistic expectations about that. It usually takes years to be successful on YouTube. Only a few people ever blow up.

There are a lot of people who actually use their smartphone and they are participating in the gig economy doing things like Uber, DoorDash, Uber Eats, or even things like rover, and these are great side hustles 2021

com, where they help people walk their dogs or care for their dogs. There’s also things like Instacart. A lot of my friends actually have made some really cool videos about these particular type of side hustles 2021.

You can go check out my friend Elijah from The App Lifestyle or my friend Reezy Resells. And you can see that there are all kinds of opportunities for you. If you just give it a chance. And this is something that you can do with your nights and weekends.

I don’t want you to overwork but I do think that sometimes if you give up your leisure time and you give up buying luxuries you can have leverage later that lets you get out of working a job that you hate.

You just have to also combine that with not buying things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. Now, if you’re like me and you have some creative skills you can put those things to work by going to fiverr.

com. And I’ve had some, not kind things in the past to say about, but in a bad economic time and in a place where Fiverr exists I think you should be taking advantage of it. And I think that it’s actually come a long way from those early videos I made being very critical of the platform.

Everything tends to improve over time if it’s given a chance to. And sometimes when you give that criticism, people take it to heart and then they improve from the feedback. Now, what I would recommend is you look at gigs that you are suited to and that match your skills but also are not gonna take a lot of time and be very stressful for you.

Also, something that you enjoy doing it doesn’t have to be something as crazy as say, graphic design or video editing. There’s actually really great opportunities for fun things like voice acting, and also just narrating for some people, for things like their audio books or for an ad that they’re making.

There’s also really cool things like doing green screen. So this is something that I think more of you should look into and you should think outside the box in terms of those opportunities. So if you wanna sign up for Fiverr or even for something you’re doing if you wanna hire people on Fiverr so that you can save some time and make more money, then I’m gonna link to that in the description down below as well.

Remember, you can do a healthy version of hustle, be realistic about how much time you have. And remember that you can give up some of your leisure activities and hobbies that cost money and that will actually save you money to be able to use to make more money.

And you can also take that same time and use it as leverage. And if you do this long enough and you’re patient, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re not nearly as stressed and don’t feel as much financial pressure are struggling.

Because it’s very unlikely, especially in these trying times that your boss is gonna give you a raise but you can give yourself a raise by picking up a healthy side hustles 2021. If you wanna know more about making money freelancing or making money online I’m going to link to a really helpful playlist here in the info card and the description down below.

As always you guys. Thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget. Go out there and create something awesome today. Take care.

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