The Home Business Academy Review – FULL Overview of The Home Business Academy – 80% Commissions!


Hello welcome to this home business Academy review and my channel after you Finish this video feel free to take a Look around at some of the other videos I have on my site about how to make Money online and the things that I use but let’s jump right into this Review All right so in this video we’re doing A review about the home business academy And we’re going to talk about several Things first let me just jump over and Kind of give you an overview so what i’m Going to cover in this video first we’re Just going to talk about what is the Home business academy i’m just going to Call it hba going forward and then what Do you get with hba What is included if you were to join and Then is it possible to make money and How would you do that and then i am Going to show you some income examples So make sure you watch all the way Through to the end this is going to be a Very Large Kind of [Music] High altitude overview so you can see All the different options in the home Business academy here i am inside my hba Account And hba has these different products and We’re going to go through them and kind

Of explain them Uh first is the hba funnel builder Academy which is where the page we’re on Now the hba premium which is their Traffic conversions training and then They have what’s called their financial Literacy academy i do not own this Product so these are kind of the three Main products let’s just jump back and Talk about the hba funnel builder Academy now the hba includes funnel Builder software we’re going to log into That in a minute and i’ll show you how That works And this is very similar To other funnel building software that You may have heard of or seen or used Things like click funnels or leadpages Or Others now the main difference is this Is much lower price but does Essentially all of the same things that Those other software do and we’re going To take a look like i said in just a sec You do get some great training with this Which is one of the awesome things about The home business academy they have tons Of training and so First just you know kind of overview Um with the funnel and builder and how To use it but then they have some really In-depth Uh training On the setup okay and so if you if we

Click over to that They’re going you know these are the the Main things they’re going to show you uh They recommend picking a domain although You can you know use their domain if you Want but having a custom domain is is Good they show you how to integrate that With the builder Um And that’s what these videos are about Um and then uh you can do if you want to Do a subdomain you you can do that a Little trickier but they have all the Training okay Um now the other thing that they should They show is and that they recommend is Getting a branded email address for your Domain It helps brand you And it also helps improve email Deliverability and again they show Exactly how to integrate that As well as Uh integrate your autoresponder And so Uh they show the most common Autoresponders um the ones i would Recommend you use like get response and Aweber But they do show ways to use some other Ones like traffic wave you could use Zapier integration with traffic wave They show how to do some web hooks and Zip your integrations if you’re using

An email autoresponder that’s not Integrated They do show how to use active campaign Drip and think send shark yeah so um you Know aweber and get response are the Easiest they’re the biggest and the Simplest to integrate but they show you Step by step exactly how to do it so the Training is awesome and then they have a Ton of training Just about all these different Specific types of things that you may Want to do okay So just tons and tons of different ways That you can use the funnel builder okay So let’s just jump right over i’m going To log in to the funnel builder And kind of show you some examples of How this works so When you log in it’s really kind of drag And drop and that’s what makes it great Is very simple to use and when you click On this that’ll show you The funnels and so it comes with this All in one capture page funnel and then This escape plan Lead magnet funnel so you get a couple Funnels that are built in and then I made my own as well i’m just going to Show you a quick example Of how simple this is you just click on Add a new step and then you decide what You want to add a page a pop-up or if You have multiple funnels you can

Separate them by Adding a section label so let me just Add a section label and we’ll call this Example Funnel okay And so now this will be a separate Funnel right so you have this capture Page which is one funnel and you could Add to it this this is the second one This uh escape plan lead magnet funnel This is one i created fastlane affiliate Photo and now i’m going to show this Example so add a new step let’s add a Page and here’s one of the beauties they Have tons of Included pages that you can then You know modify For your purposes if you want or you can Use them as is and so they have you can See the different categories of pages on The left side and then the examples for The category you can see they’ve got Lots and lots and lots and lots of Different opt-in pages okay tons of Examples that you can use and modify Let’s maybe look at a couple others you Know if you do webinars You know they got a few different Webinar a couple what about a dozen or So webinar pages that you could use you Can make sales pages order check out Membership Sites if you want Lots and lots and then

Some users will add their own pages and That’s what you’re starting to see here These are pages from Users that are sharing their pages with Other Hba funnel builder users okay and so a Popular one is this one down here So you can see that one But you can go and you can take a look Around what other people are providing And maybe you want to use some of theirs And that’s what these are down here or You can just start with a blank page and That’s totally up to you so just for a Quick example let’s go ahead and pick a Lead capture page let’s just pick this One We’ll call it um You know join now And that’s our lead capture page and Let’s add that okay and so now the Editor is going to come up and then you Can make you know view it in desktop You click on the tablet view to see how It looks in tablet and then you can Click on the phone view to see how it Looks on mobile Everything on here is drag and drop you Can change the background if you want Maybe you don’t want this to be as much So you just drag this And that’s what i mean everything is Drag and drop You can just change the text you can

Just type over it uh maybe you want a Different font so you can change your Font if you want uh size um You know bold background you know if you Want it highlighted you can change Everything okay so super easy if you Want to add a widget these are the Different widgets heading text button Container they have countdown timers you Know you can do quizzes Lots and lots of widgets and basically Just drag those over and put it where You want it and then edit it okay So we’re not going to do that for this Example but just so you can see you have Tons of different options and then if You Want to save it there you go you can Preview it by either clicking website Preview or clicking on the url up here It’ll open it up in a new page and you Can preview your work so That’s how it works it’s super easy um Again this is the the opt-in field so You can um You know edit your forms you can call it Whatever you want um You can get notified And then you integrate it with your Autoresponder i have aweber and so this Is where you integrate it with your Autoresponder And that’s it super simple it’s a great Building tool

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And Like i say much much more reasonable We’ll talk about pricing for all of this At the end here but that is the hba Funnel builder and all of the training Tons of great training That is included with that their next Product is what they call hba premium Now this is all about traffic and Conversions And for a lot of people Especially if you’re getting started Online or even if you’ve been online for A while A lot of uh it can feel kind of lonely You know you’re kind of out there on Your own you’re not really necessarily Part of a team or a group you’re not Going into a work environment where you Have all these co-workers around you But the beauty of what they offer in Their hba premium Is not only great training which we’ll Look at here in a second but they offer A really really nice community Environment as well so we’ll take a look Here at what they offer So first i just kind of talk about some Things you want to understand about What you’re doing when you’re getting Traffic so that’s what all this training Is about um and it’s really really good And then they have free tr training About how to get free traffic so if

You’re just starting out You know free traffic can be nice so That you don’t have to spend a lot of Money pay traffic you know can be a Little challenging because you may Actually have to Lose a little money to tweak things to Get it to work properly before you start Making money and to be honest there’s a Lot of really great free traffic out There okay most of my pretty much all my Traffic let’s say 90 95 percent of all My traffic that i have for my online Business is free traffic And so you know that’s what they talk About here you know facebook traffic Short form video that’s your tick tock Your instagram Youtube traffic um Free facebook ad ad uh Method podcasting which is huge right Now And then some other you know blogging And whatnot so lots of good free traffic Training and sources and if you’re into Paid traffic they do talk about that as Well solo ads actually can work really Really well for this type of product if You want to promote it to try to earn Money from hba we’ll we’ll talk about How to do that Facebook ads facebook video ads okay Conversion training which is important Because not only do you want to get

Traffic and get leads but you want to Convert that lead into a buyer right and Make a sale so you earn commission So they talk about that here and then Tons of coaching okay every monday night They have A marketing mastermind at eight o’clock Eastern and then they archive all those And i was looking at several of these The other day really good stuff i mean They’re just you know some of us coming From the leaders of hba Talking about different things but a lot Of it they bring on people that are just Regular users like you and me and they Share what’s working for them and so you Can learn Uh some really insightful things um Through that training and it’s all Archived i think they have close to 300 Archived training sessions at this point And so that’s great to go through they Do have some daily stuff as well this You know grow rich call I haven’t participated in and then they Have a traffic and conversion action Mastermind as well so lots of training They do have a very active um you know Facebook group that you can be part of As well as a telegram chat um that you Can be part of as well so join those and Again you have a ton of support people Supporting you you can ask questions you Can get feedback you can hear what other

People are doing you can learn from them Well well worth the cost of the premium Membership they do have some other Training here as well Uh some older things that are archived In but really helpful and then they do Have some other funnels so i showed you The kind of the two funnels that are Included you can make your own funnels And then they have some other funnels so That you have other ways to uh maybe Drive traffic to um As well so that’s what premium is in a Nutshell and then the third product Which i did not buy but it may be Something of interest to you it’s called Their financial literacy academy and That essentially is a one-time payment And it’s training about You know just how to be Aware and literate of different Financial situations whether that’s you Know tax information retirement planning Investing Etc and so if that’s you know something You need help with or have interest in Then that may be something you want to You want to grab okay So those are the three main products Their hba builder academy their hba Premium which is about traffic and Conversions and then their financial Literacy academy now they’re always Adding things so things may be a little

Different From when i’m recording this video but That is what they’re offering currently And then they have an affiliate zone so Some people are going to use The hba funnel builder and the premium Traffic and conversion training just Because that’s you know it’s helping Them with other things they’re doing Online maybe they’re part of a network Marketing company or Or they’re you know they have something Else they’re doing that’s you know Really totally separate And they just need these resources for That and that’s perfectly fine but they Do have actually a nice way that you can Actually earn some commissions from Promoting the home business academy and That’s what you’ll find in this Affiliate zone and they do just have you Know it’s actually pretty easy to set up To start earning commissions uh they run Everything through sam cart but you Don’t need to pay for sam cart they Cover all that cost but they show you Very quickly how to you know get your Sam cart set up uh sign up for the Affiliate program if you didn’t yet um Your quick launch how to get everything Set up they have some social media uh Some you know images that you can post On social media to let people know they Have some email

Some messages that you can message on Social media Did you just kind of copy and paste the They show you how to get your funnel set Up inside the funnel builder connect it To your sam cart to connect it to your Autoresponder and then they give you Five email follow-up messages that you Can add to your autoresponder and then They talk a little bit about Training okay and so This is if you want to try and make some Money from home business academy then The affiliate zone will show you how to Get all that set up they have some other Training over here as well and then as Well as just some frequently asked Questions so In a nutshell that is The home business academy So let’s go back here so we talked about What it is we talked about what you get It really just depends on what you Decide to join and so lat and then we Talked about how you can make money well As an affiliate with home business Academy you can you can actually have an Opportunity to Make some you know nice money on the Side so we talked about some income Examples so let’s jump to that The great thing about The home business academy is they offer Their affiliates eighty percent

Commissions now that’s huge okay eighty Percent commissions um let’s use an Example here so on the hba funnel Builder people pay twenty five dollars a Month now you do need to also be paying For it have your own account an active Account in order to earn commissions so You do need to have your own hba funnel Builder account so you’re going to pay 25 a month yourself but that gives you The opportunity to earn eighty percent Commissions which is twenty dollars per Month and so as you can see If you were to help two people get Started and start with the start using Hba funnel builder then you would earn Twenty dollars for each of them or forty Dollars and now you’re covering your Price plus Profit so you only really need to two People to get into profit which is Pretty cool So let’s say you get a hundred people Started well at twenty dollars each For 100 people that could be a two Thousand dollar month residual meaning As long as they stay active and because It’s a pretty low price and it’s a very Helpful product that they’re using in The funnel builder people usually will Stay active and so this can be a very Nice consistent residual income stream And so this is just talking about The funnel builder that’s just talking

About this product okay But they also offer this product hba Premium Our traffic and conversions so let’s Talk about some examples there So that pays 80 commissions as well The cost for hba premium is 125 dollars Per month and as i said you need to have Your own active Hba premium subscription in order to be Eligible to earn commissions but you’re Going to get an 80 commission which is a Hundred dollars per month per Active user right should say per user And so let’s say you Have 30 people right so maybe you get 100 people Over They get started on the hba builder and Maybe out of these hundred people maybe 30 of them also decide to go for the hba Premium and so you’re going to earn a Hundred dollars per month per active User so for those 30 people every month You’re going to be getting three Thousand dollars a month residual okay So you’re going to have a hundred people Up here so you’re gonna have 2 000 a Month just from the hba builder and then You’re going to have another 30 of those 100 will also join the Premium so it’ll be another 3 000 per Month so just between these two you’d Have a residual of five thousand dollars

Per month now that’s residual that’s not Including you know the new people that You’re continuing to hopefully get Started that’s just residual ongoing Payments and that’s why you can see it’s Very easy to build this up into a five Figure business annually Very easy to make several hundred Dollars a month and really several Thousand dollars per month with hba now The last thing i show on here This is their financial literacy academy Now these are one-time Commissions but at 80 percent And so When someone gets started with hba They Get started Uh you know first they’re presented with The funnel builder for 25 a month and Then they are given the option to also Join premium and then they’re giving an Option To join the financial literacy academy And they get a fifty percent discount When they first sign a offer when they First sign up so they can pay just five Hundred dollars instead of one thousand So if they go for that then you make a Four hundred dollar commission that’s Just a one-time commission it’s not Recurring like these others but still a Pretty good chunk of change If they do pass on that um they still

Can purchase it later for it for the Thousand dollars the full price and You’d make an 800 one-time commission so Pretty good those are just one offs but They’re certainly nice commissions so There really is some nice income Opportunity associated with the home Business academy So definitely keep that in mind As you’re using it so you definitely you Know can use it in your own business With the funnel builder super powerful And much much Lower cost option but still with all the Features that your click funnels and Others uh provide and then i would Really encourage you to go for the hba Premium if you’re able to because the Training is incredible the support you Get is incredible uh You know it’s just it’s hard to explain But you know when you’re around other People that are like-minded that have The same goal the same vision the same Dreams the same desires it really Encourages you to do more and so You’re going to be A lot more successful when you’re around Like-minded people and that monthly cost You’re going to make that up because of All the extra incentive you’re going to Have To bring help other people get started And start developing those residual

Payment income streams And so that is uh the home business Academy overview if you have interest in Getting started i’ll leave a link below It’s going to take you To This page Um which is the opt-in so just enter Your name your email click yes and then That will take you to the sales page Definitely you know watch the video i Encourage you to do that i watched it Well you know before i got started And then if you click into these buttons It’ll take you down you know read Through the whole sales page as well Okay because i think it’s important to Understand what you’re getting But you click this button it’ll take you Down to your checkout page where you Just enter your information And your payment information And then they’re going to give you an Option here in this yellow form To get this bonus and this is the hba Premium Percent free for two weeks okay so just Click the box yes you want free access And so you’re going to get access to All of the hba premium free for two Weeks and obviously you can cancel if You don’t want to go to the monthly Which is 125 per month um but once you Get these payments coming in it’s going

To pay for itself so i would click that And then as you can see your total for Your purchase is just going to be 25 and So boom uh go ahead and get started so I’ll leave a link for that down below i Encourage you to get started take a look It’s a great program if you have any Questions at all reach out to me and let Me know thanks so much for watching i Hope you found this helpful leave a like On the video if you did and please Subscribe so you can get access to Future videos as they come out

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