Vidnami Review & Demo: Vidnami Free Trial + Discount

I thought it was time to do a new, updated, vidnami review video for you guys. If you’re, not familiar with what vidnami is. It was previously content samurai for years, but it is a tool that can allow you to easily create a very good high quality video that you can use for affiliate marketing, promoting your own products and services, local marketing or any other type of video.

In fact, i’ve used uh several of these videos for my own product launches, even for previous products. So what i want to do in this video is take you through and show you a little bit about vidnami and what you can do with it.

I have created hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos with vidnami, and so i know this tool inside and out how well it works, and i highly recommend it for anybody, especially if you don’t want to create your own videos using your own Webcam or your desktop, because with vidnami it’s integrated with a lot of other third-party services that allows you to use their tools, their video clips and even audio to create the videos.

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As you’re, going to see here in just a minute now below this video, i’ll, put a link and it’ll. Take you to my website where you can get more details about vinami. In fact, they’re constantly having promotions and special deals where you can save upwards of even up to 25 or even 40 percent off for lifetime access uh.

This is popular around black friday and a few other times throughout the years, and i always keep my website updated with those special links so be sure to check that out before you go and purchase vidnami.

Okay, so here we are inside the main dashboard. This is what it looks like when you uh sign up, and you start creating your own videos. You can see here where it starts, saving all the videos that you create.

I’ve created a lot of videos here for local marketing. This here is for one of my own products i recently launched as well as this one. This one here’s, a video i made for cbd, oil vpns and the one i want to show you today is one that i made on learning self-defense because uh.

This is just to kind of throw this out there at you guys, uh. One thing you can do with these types of videos is make is make videos like this based upon things. People can learn in their own city and then try to rank them in youtube, or even in google, for learning self-defense in a city name and then a state or so, or something like that.

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And then you can even rent these videos out to those local businesses that they can use them for their own promotions or even for, like cpa offers or special kinds of affiliate offers, and so this is what i do a lot of, and it works very very Well, so what you would normally do, i’ll, go in this video here in a minute and show you how i set it all up, so it doesn’t.

Take no 20 minutes to do this video, but what you would normally do is go in, and click on, create a new video and then from here you would choose the type of video content that you want to create. So, for example over here you can see content, video and then you can choose your format, whether you want it to square landscape.

So this one you’d use for like youtube, this one you would use for maybe instagram or some other social sites. You can choose influencer videos. This is something newer that they added that allows you to add your own picture in here.

As you’re doing uh these types of videos there’s, instant ads. These are really great for, like black friday ads. If you want to create one there’s cells, video types – these were one of the first ones that they originally came out with.

I don’t use these much more. I mostly use the content video one there’s, also ones, for course, and training videos. I use these there’s, property video. If you do real estate and then you can also have your own custom templates if you save them.

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So what you would normally do is come in here and choose on, say, content, video and you would choose one of these styles and we’ll just go ahead and do this one? You can see a preview of what it looks like with summer break just around the corner here’s, our five top.

But if you don’t like that, you can go to customize template and you can name it whatever. You want to and then change the colors and how everything works right here in the settings. But what you do is click on use this template and then it would move on to the next step, which is the script.

And so what i want to do is jump into my other video and that’s, where we’re going to take off from so we’re going to go back to my videos. We’re, going to delete what i just set up here and then we’re going to edit this video and then the way this works.

Now i’ve already got this set up. We’ll. Just use we’ll just use this first one here as the template, and this is a script that i already added to this video. So what you would do is when you get to this page, you would paste in a script here or type it in.

What i like to do is i will go to google and sometimes just do searches for whatever video type. I’m, trying to create and pull a little bit of content from different websites and add it in here as my script, if i’m, if i’m in a hurry or really don’t want To write my own and then once you do, that you click on create scenes and vidnami is going to use its integrated service with storyblocks, and it is going to add video clips to your slideshow based upon the words that are in your script.

And so you can see that it fits very well so here’s the script, and then you can see that it put this video with it, which fits really well for it. Now you have the option here to customize these, however, you want to, which is what really makes this powerful.

So up here, you can see scene 1 of 25, so i can delete this scene. If i don’t want it, but there’s, 25 different slides and that’s, what it created for us and what we can do we can come down here.

We can edit this text if we want to change this text. We can do that. No problem, you can also come up here. You can bold, it italicize, it underline it. You can even hide the text. So if you don’t want the text showing on here.

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But if you want to see the video and if you want to hear the audio, you can hide the text and it won’t show. And then you can also choose where the text shows up on the video, and you can do this for each slide.

So if i don’t want it down here at the bottom. Maybe it’s covering up part of the video. I can click on this and maybe move it to the left side or move it to the right side or wherever you want to put it.

So what we’re going to do is go ahead and scroll down through here and then you’ll, see some other options and it says add new scenes. So maybe it created a video for us we really like, but we want to add another scene in here in between these two.

You can do that, you can click, add new scene and then, when you do that it’s, going to use the same background as it used up here and then what you can do is you can come over here on the left, hand, side And you can search for videos that it has access to.

So if we do just say self defense and click go, you can see that we have a lot of different video clips that we can use for this background, and so that’s. I like this one, we’ll, just click on that and you can see how it adds it right to the background and that’s, what it would use, and then i can click somewhere here in the video, and i can start Typing and it adds it just that easy and then this slide is done with a video background.

It looks absolutely amazing. You can also use images if you don’t want clips, it integrates with images also or if you have your own uploads. You can choose that here and upload your own videos or images and use those for your slides.

I’m, going to go ahead and delete this one and you can see this is the way it works all the way down to the end of the last slide. So i’m, going to go ahead and scroll down. Now. Lots of times, when i add my script in under this option here, it will create the video for me, and i will use it just like that without having to make any other changes to the video itself.

It just depends on the kind of quality that i want out of it, but normally i might make a few changes change a few backgrounds, but when you’re done with it, you scroll clear down the bottom and you click add voice track to Your video – and this is where it gets really good, because here you have several options for adding voices to your video and what vidnami will do is it will auto sync that audio with each slide on its own? So you can add your audio and then, depending on how fast or slow that audio is it syncs it up with the slides and the script.

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So you want your script to match exactly what you’re saying in the audio, and so you don’t have to use a voice track. You can use music only and if you do that they have a massive selection of background music, you can add to it.

You can do an auto voice, which is sometimes what i do depending on the quality of the video that i want to make, and when i do, i normally choose harry for it. I think he sounds the most realistic. You can record your own voice track now.

This is what i do a lot of the times and basically how this works is, i would click record and then it would tell me to start talking and i would read this sentence and then it would do it sentence by sentence all the way through the Script and record it, and then it would sync up all of the sentences that i just read with the script itself, so it fits perfect with it.

So this is a great way to do it, especially if you don’t want to pay someone to do it, and even if you, don’t want to have your face on camera, you don’t have to you. Can just have your voice if you want to, but if you don’t even want that you can upload a voice track.

So if you use a different service like fiverr, upwork, legit or any of those, you can have someone to professionally. Do your script for you and then you can upload it, and it will sync that script to your video, which is absolutely amazing.

I’ve, made several really good high quality videos doing this and and they turn out to be uh what you would pay somebody for if they made it for you and it cost five hundred thousand dollars it’s. Just really incredible.

The amount of money you can save with vidnami by doing all this on your own, so once you have all this done, i’m just going to leave it on auto voice. For now you would choose preview, your video and then, depending on the length of your video.

This can be done very quickly or it may take a couple minutes and then we get to this screen here now. This screen is where we can do our final edits and adding background music to it and previewing it.

So here’s, our video, if i come down here and click play, we can watch just uh. I’ll, go ahead and play it, so we can watch just a little bit of it. Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones? If someone were to physically attack you it’s, a question.

Most of us, don’t want to consider, but violence is unfortunately a fact of life, thankfully, regardless of strength, size or previous training. Anyone can learn several effective self-defense techniques here’s.

How to prepare for and stay safe in common real world violent situations? First, remember that prevention is the best self-defense attackers. Okay, so you can see how how great this video looks. Now the quality you’re, seeing here is not high quality.

It’s, low quality you can see here. This is a low resolution preview, your final video just so it makes it faster, so you can see it and edit it. However, you want to. You can also do manually adjust the timing.

Now. This is something where, if you notice that the audio may be a little bit out of sync with your video, you can come into the manually adjust timing and you can fix that. Sometimes that does happen, but normally there are no issues with that now over here.

On the left hand, side you can select any kind of music to go along with the video and, if you hover over any one of these, it will give you a preview of it. If you click on one, it will add it as the background music.

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You can choose by mood, you can also choose by genre or you can upload your own music. Now. You also have the option to add your own watermark. I’ve got several in here saved and if you choose on options, you can also adjust the music volume, the voice track volume and the voice track speed.

So sometimes, whenever i use the automated voices like, i did in this one with harry, what i would do is maybe speed up the voice just a little bit, because it actually sounds better when you do that with some of them.

If you slow them down, they sound better. So it’s, something you just need to experiment with if you use the automated voices, but overall, this is all you have to do to create videos – and i can i can put out videos like this uh, sometimes in less than 10 minutes.

Sometimes five minutes, depending on the length of the script that i’m using and the type of video that i’m wanting to create. So if you’re wanting to create a high quality video, obviously it’s. Going to take you a little more time because you’ll want to go through each slide, make sure everything is perfect on it.

The right background make sure the text all is fine on it. But if you’re just trying to put out a quick info video on youtube, maybe to get more traffic, it won’t. Take you no time at all to create these videos and then, when you’re done, all you have to do.

Is click click on this where it says, looks good, continue and then generate your video right here and then it’s. Going to create the video for you to download, i believe it’s in an mp4 format, so that’s all there is to using vidnami.

I highly recommend this tool. This is one of the most used tools that i have and own. It is extremely worth it, and i know that there are always discounts going on. Like i mentioned at the beginning of this video, sometimes the discounts are more than others, especially around black friday time and special times of the year.

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