YT Influencer Review & Demo [Inside Member’s Area] Chris Derenberger YT Influencer Review

YT influencer review welcome to my Channel and this review of a new product That just came out called YT influencer And that stands for YouTube influencer And it's from Chris derenberger who is Um a real master at YouTube and using it To make money online and so this is his Newest course that just came out and it Talks about using YouTube to Generate affiliate marketing income and We're going to go through the sales page Here I'll take you inside the members Area so you can see exactly what you're Getting and then talk about the optional Upsells that are not needed but could Help so Um YT influencer it's a really great Product like I said I did get review Access I went through the The training and the videos and really Top Notch and I've been following Chris For several years and I've pretty much Purchased all this all of his training Because he does what he teaches Um which is kind of unique not everybody Actually does what they put out in Courses and Chris does so I know his Things work okay and part of what he Teaches here is also how you can even Get a lot of free products Um because you're going to be reviewing Them so this is really low cost it's Just 12.95 And basically what it's covering is how

To use traffic from YouTube to generate Sales via affiliate marketing and so This is kind of a you know just nice Overview of the breakdown basically You're going to join an affiliate Program and this can work with Will with Really both physical products and Digital products so you're not limited This method works for both physical and Digital products and so you can use all Kinds of different affiliate platforms For this method so this could be Affiliate platforms like Amazon or share A sale as well as digital platforms ClickBank jvzoo Warrior plus cell Health Market Health there's tons and tons you Can even use this with CPA Platforms as well so you're not limited With this method so you're going to join An affiliate program you're going to get Your affiliate link You're going to put a video up on YouTube with your link and then you're Going to take advantage of all the free Traffic that YouTube generates and a lot Of people are going to watch your video Because they're looking for products Okay and this is um just a fact you know A lot of people when they're looking for A product maybe it's You know a home generator right they um We'll go to Google and a lot of people Will go to YouTube because YouTube is The second largest search engine behind

Google and as most people know Google Owns YouTube and so they really uh want To push Google and YouTube uh as the two Main search engines in the world which They are and so a lot of people when They're looking they like to see reviews And not just written reviews like they Would find on Google but they want to See video reviews they want to see the Product I want to see how it works they Want to see they want to see what you Get and so again for next for you know Maybe a gas generator right so people Might go in to YouTube and they would Type out the name of the product plus Review and boom they'll be they'll find Videos and this basically what this Method does and again that could be Physical products it can be digital Products okay and then you get paid a Commission when people find your pro Find your review and make a purchase Um through your affiliate link so let's Jump inside the training center so when You get access there's a welcome area Here we are in the training center this Is where the meat of the training is um If you just purchase the front end and Again it's only 12.95 so super cheap I Think there's about almost 30 videos Right now in the training area let me Get myself out of the way so you can see So he's kind of got it broken down into Three main sections this first section

Just talks about Um kind of what you need to do to Prepare to implement this method so just Kind of going through some mindset stuff Uh proof so that's always nice to know That it does work again where you can Find different products to promote from Various affiliate networks different Types of affiliate products now there's Different types of videos that you can Make and he breaks that down you could Do what are called buyer intent videos Review videos solving problem videos how You can Implement using coupons And discounts uh to help get sales and Then informational videos and then in The second section he talks about going Ahead and getting started basically he Shows he walks you through how to set up A channel if you've never done that Before how to get your channel verified How to make these different videos so Just you know not only what type of Videos to make but actually how to make Them recording the physical products if That's what you're doing how to rank Without actually owning the products you Don't even need to own the product and You can still get your video ranking and Making sales and then if you want to do Digital products how to record that how To edit your videos with cap cut this is A free software that is really really Powerful and works great creating

Faceless videos using AI so you may not Want to and when you make these videos You don't have to show your face or use Your voice but you certainly can like I'm doing in this video right now but You don't have to you can make review Videos just with your voice and showing Your screen or you know with your phone Using the product or showing the product And so he goes about how to do all that But you can also make faceless videos Using different AI software and that's What he talks about here so if you don't Want to show your voice or show your Face or use your voice then he shows you How to do that using AI software how to Create your thumbnails it talks about The YouTube algorithm so you can Understand what it takes to get your Video shown so that's one of the biggest Things that people struggle with is how Do I get my video found right there's Millions and billions of videos online On YouTube so how do they find it he Talks about that he shows you some Examples how to use some of the filters Within YouTube how to cloak your Affiliate links And then using a free add-on called vid IQ that can definitely help a lot and Then the third part of your training he Goes over some different case studies Which are pretty cool Um he shows you how he took a new

Product on a new channel and got it Ranking right away Um so you you can do the same and then He also shows an example of how you know One of the benefits of this method is You could do the work one time you make That review video and you put it up on YouTube and so you're done with that you Moved on to making other videos and yet That video uh can still generate traffic And sales even though you did it Um a month ago or a year ago or in this Example he shows a three-year-old video That continues to make sales for him Today and so that is the training these Three different sections you know there Are upgrades that's under the more Training we'll jump into the um Um affiliate page so you can see exactly What they are his VIP Facebook group I Think it's going to be seven dollars a Month and Chris really provides great Support he's there he's answering Questions he's giving information uh There's a case study uh that you can get Pick up if you're into launch jacking uh This may be a training worth looking Into and then some if you really want to Get into the nuts and bolts of how to Rank your videos Um this is probably something to Consider because it has a lot more tips And tricks beyond what you get on the Front end training and then his kind of

Flagship YouTube course that shows how To very quickly monetize a channel if You want to also try to make money on Your channel from AdSense so the the the Course Y2 influencer all this training That we covered is really talking about Using YouTube to make money with Affiliate marketing because the truth is You make actually a lot more money From YouTube with affiliate marketing Sales than you will from AdSense it Takes a big Channel lots of subscribers Lots and lots of views in order to make Any kind of decent income from AdSense But if you do want to do that as another Option then this course may be something To pick up so let's jump over to um The affiliate page this is uh Chris's Warrior Plus profile and as you can see He's got lots of products out there he's Had over 10 000 almost 10 11 000 sales I'm sorry on Warrior plus and all his Products get ranked you know four and a Half to five stars um because they're Just quality products now what are the Up sales well the front end like we Talked about is 12.95 it's a steal Um I wouldn't miss out on that Um and then these are the optional Upsells so this is that bump offer we Talked about the case study about making Four thousand four hundred thousand Dollars in three months um so that may Be something to look at

And then if you want to get into launch Jacking launch jacking is when a new Product comes out there's a lot of Buzz Around it and how to take advantage of All that buzz and excitement to make Sales okay and so this is certainly Worth looking at if you want to get into That lost jacking scene 67 and then Lastly this is the uh ranking expert Okay so how to get your your videos to Show at the top of YouTube not easy to Do and there's some Insider tricks that You can learn it's not a cheap course 147 but it works okay this is I paid a Lot more from Chris uh to learn a lot of The things he's teaching here And so this is definitely worth it if You want to learn those tricks and now He does make a note hey you know some of These strategies YouTube doesn't really Like them and they kind of go against Their terms and services but they really Do work I can vouch for that I use these Same techniques in ranking my videos and They definitely do work so those are Your upsells if you have any questions At all send me a text reach out to me in A comment and I'll be happy to answer Them Um but definitely pick this up I'll Leave my affiliate Link in the Description box down below and let me Know if you have any questions at all Thanks so much for watching this review

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