How To Create Optin Page in GetResponse | FULL DEMO – Easy Optin Page in GetResponse

How to create an opt-in page and get Response welcome to my channel and Another five minute marketing tips video And we're going to talk about how to Make a opt-in page in your get response Email autoresponder account and by doing It this way you don't need to have a Domain or hosting or any kind of fancy Page Builders uh funnel Builders Etc so Let's Jump Right In uh to this get Response account First thing you want to do is you want To go ahead and create a new list so let Me go ahead and do that Okay so we're just going to call this And We're going to 1402 okay so there now in get response They have Um landing pages and whatnot but this I'm showing you the easiest way to do This which is go to their forms And then we want to create a form and Then we're going to come down and we Want to choose the there's lots of Different options but this is how I do It I go to the free download Option and the wide setting and then I Pick this form right here download ebook For free so we're going to click on use Template and it's going to open up the Template editor and then what we're Going to do is highlight this hit the Trash get rid of that we're going to get

Rid of the name because we only want an Email opt-in highlight the whole form And then we're going to drag that down To make it bigger we're going to drag Down the download now button and the Email address field down here Now what we need to do is create a image That we can just upload and use as Essentially the bulk of our email opt-in Page so you scroll down you find this Image drag it over here put it in the Top left corner click replace image We're going to get a pop-up where we can Choose the image if we've uploaded Something or just click add file and Select file from my computer and then I'm going to go over here and I'm going to I have a pre-made image I'm Going to use this is a make money online Funnel and so I'm going to use this Image we're just going to add the image It's going to upload it into get Response and then click this use button And now the image is here and we're Going to drag this down so it fills up The box And then maybe just adjust this email Address form that's pretty darn close Okay and this you just want a really Simple image you can go and make this in Canva or any other Graphics type editor In the simpler the better but that Really is it now we're going to go up Here and click save the last thing we

Need to do is go to settings you're Going to get this opened up you can call This whatever you want we'll just give It a name free report we need to choose The list we want this form attached to And that was our MMO opt-ins 1402 and Then where do we want them to go now I Have an upsell funnel that I made in Commission bar right here and so I am Going to go ahead and use that I'm going To hit the custom field and input that Upsell funnel And so that way when someone opts and Let's just save that And then save this whole form again so That way when somebody comes To The opt-in page and they enter their Email address and click download now it Is they're going to be taken to that Upsell funnel but you could really put In whatever you want a thank you page or Download page Etc and that really is it so once we've Saved it Then you just click on publish And you're going to come up and you can Either install the form on your site but We're going to have get response hosted And this is the URL so we just copy that And that's the uh URL we would send People to and then they would go to our Opt-in page so if I go to a new browser Tab and I put that in

Here is that opt-in page okay and if I Just put in an email address to test it And we click download now and now it's Going to go to my upsell funnel which is A where I have a affiliate offer that's Being iframed and then it links if they Click that's not for me it goes to Another affiliate offer that's iframe And if they say no that's not for me go To my free report then it comes to the Thank you page and so I'll leave a link For get response down below because Obviously you need to get response Account they do have free account and Paid versions very reasonable very Friendly to affiliate marketing and also Lead a link for commission bar which is How I create these upsells so I hope you Found this helpful if so please leave a Thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't Yet so you can get more tips in my five Minute marketing tips series thanks for Watching

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