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Hello welcome to my Channel today we’re Going to talk about how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners and so When you’re done with this video feel Free to take a look around Please Subscribe if you haven’t already because I’d love to keep growing my subscribers And hit that 1200 Mark and like the Video if you find it helpful and then Come back and take a look around so what Are we talking about today how to start Affiliate marketing for beginners so if You’re new to affiliate marketing the Concept of affiliate marketing is really Great because you don’t need your own Product you don’t have to create Anything you just are able to promote Other people’s products or services and Then when you make a sale you earn a Commission Um affiliate programs are all over the Place some popular ones that people are Aware of You know Amazon has an affiliate program Walmart has an affiliate program now Those pay much smaller commissions down Uh less than five percent for a sale and So you obviously have to make a lot more Sales and so what you’d rather do is try To find affiliate programs Where they pay a much higher commission Ideally at least 25 up to 50 percent and There are some that pay even more I’m Going to show you a product that pays 80

Percent commission so keep watching Because it’s a great product I think You’re going to like it and it may be Something you want to promote yourself So but what do you want to what are we Going to talk about in this video first Of all what to promote we kind of hit on That a little bit And we are going to talk about why you May want to think about promoting Recurring programs for recurring Commissions and how to find those and Make sure you keep watching because I’m Going to show you some income proof of How you can earn money by promoting Affiliate programs so there’s lots of Different Um Affiliate platforms that are out there I Work mostly in the make money online Niche and so I promote Products off of Jvzoo warrior plus ClickBank and I also Promote a lot of recurring products Because uh we’ll show you an example Real quickly why it’s nice to get those Recurring commissions and these are most Of these recurring programs that are Promoted Is things that people are using in their Online business anyway such as domain Names uh SAS software software as a Service or a lot of times software Online website based software Um email autoresponders funnel Builders


Lots of examples of things that people Just need to use in their business Anyway and so you can you know search For those and find them so how do you Find recurring affiliate programs Okay so here we over on a site called Article Forge and this is an AI content Creation software that I use to create Text content for my online blogs and Other services and so when you’re Looking to promote one of these programs As an affiliate a lot of times if you Just scroll all the way to the bottom of Their home page You’ll find they have an affiliate Program and so if you just click on that Link it will talk to you about What their affiliate program does and Then you can sign up to join and so That’s really how you go about finding These affiliate programs Okay so Um now let’s just talk a little bit About what do you want to promote Because I I do promote a lot of products That are one-time payments and and those Are a nice way to earn affiliate Commissions but you always are chasing Those one-time commissions and I and so I really try to focus a lot on recurring Commissions recurring programs right so Let’s look at an example Um option A these are recurring payments Option b these are one-time payments now

Let’s say you work to get 10 buyers if You have 10 buyers that buy a product Where you earn a 10 one-time commission Then you’re going to earn a hundred Dollars uh one time and those are all Just you know 10 Ten dollar one-time uh commission Payments which is not bad okay Um obviously you can make larger Commission payments just for simple math We use ten dollars but now let’s go look At the recurring example It doesn’t take really any more work to Get those same 10 buyers whether they Purchase something that has a recurring Commission or a one-time commission so You’re putting in the same effort but These 10 buyers you’re gonna Get a ten dollar per month recurring Commission which is going to come out to Not a hundred dollar one-time commission But a hundred dollars per month Recurring okay and so it’s nice to have That hundred dollars come in just Because you you found those 10 buyers Now here to get you have to find another 10 buyers every single month in order to Keep getting that hundred dollars Because this is one time so hopefully You can see the advantage of the Recurring commission model so I’m going To jump ahead here we’re going to talk a Little bit about income proof okay uh Here we are in my warrior Plus account

And what you can see here is that Promotes something called The Click Engine and that helps you get 100 real Buyer traffic it’s just five dollars a Month you make a fifty percent Commission I’ve had three sales but That’s going to be recurring okay so I You know I’m a member I pay five dollars A month and so obviously I have three Um referrals that’ll keep paying every Month and so that covers the cost of me Using the click engine here I am inside My aweber account and my affiliate Account And you can see aweber pays 40 Commissions okay Um so click engine was fifty percent Aweber pays 40 percent and if you look Back you can see the payments I get I’ve Gotten every month over the past several Months and these pay for my aweber So I don’t have to pay for it okay and Then uh here we are in article Forge Again this is inside my account and what You’ll see here Um The date the clicks to my affiliate link They do have a five-day free trial so if Someone signed up as an AP unpaid you Know sign up a paid sign up and then if If it’s a recurring commission and so if We jump down you see I get clicks every Single day some unpaid some are paid now This will take time to clear I think

It’s 30 days so that’s why you don’t see Anything over here but if we go down I See here’s a recurring commission a Recurring Commission of 39 and so I get That every single month here’s another One for 675 675 675 if we go down some Bigger ones 23.94 but these are Recurring okay these are recurring Payments um 13.50 because they’re in This recurring column 675 that’s one That cleared but that should be end up Being a recurring payment here’s a Recurring payment and here’s a pretty Big recurring payment 45.75 and that’s This is just over the past not quite 60 Days so a couple hundred dollars there And that’s the beauty of recurring Commissions so now I want to share with You a great program that I recently Joined because I see the value in it It’s called The Home Business Academy And I see the value in it because they Pay an 80 commission remember we talked About some of these other recurring Programs I promote and I promote others So but these are just some examples Click engine pays 50 commission aweber Pays 40 commission uh article Forge pays 25 percent commission and those are all Very decent commissions but the Home Business Academy they offer 80 percent Commissions and they have uh three main Products Their funnel Builder Academy and that’s

perpetual income 728

A software it’s a software as a service It’s a SAS software that builds web Pages membership sites thank you Pages You can link these all together into Funnels super super uh easy to use Program it’s just drag and drop we can Log in I guess real quick and show you But really really easy to use everything Here’s one example right we’re in this One you know it’s just drag and drop you Just go in you type you know what you Want to change you know they give you All kind you have you know tons of Templates in here that you can use all These different elements And then you just you know save it and It’s super super easy it’s a great System and there’s tons of training for The funnel Builder as well okay so They’re not going to leave you high and Dry you know they got really really In-depth training and then they have Oops some live coaching that you can get With the funnel Builder as well and so This is a 25 a month product and you Make 80 commission which is twenty Dollars a month now they also have this HBA premium this is all about uh this is Really training but it’s high level Coaching and training about traffic and Conversions how to get traffic and this Is the number one thing people struggle With online is how to get traffic and How to make sales that’s what

Conversions is Right making a sale it You know doesn’t help you to get traffic If you can’t convert them into a sale And so there is a ton of great Information that they have in here they Talk to you about things you need to Understand before you even start getting Traffic okay and then they have um Sections that look at all these Different free traffic methods they talk About and they’re constantly updating These are different paid traffic methods How to get conversion so once you get That traffic how to turn that into a Sale They have all these masterminds every Monday night They have one that lasts anywhere from An hour to two hours where people are Sharing information they’re sharing what Works the successes they’re having they Have these daily Grow Rich calls and Daily action masterminds I think there’s 11 different training and coaching up Opportunities that you have throughout The week and then a lot of them are Archives you can go back and take a look At them later join the Facebook group The Facebook group is very active and It’s a great Um Community because everyone really Encourages each other to help each other To answer questions and it’s really Great to be plugged in okay they do have

This is where some other high value Bonus trainings so a lot of these are Things that you can go through on your Own time as well and then some Done-for-you funnels and so if you don’t Want to make funnels they have these Funnels that are done for you that you Can use inside your funnel Builder now This is 125 a month it’s not cheap but You make 80 commissions on it as well so For that 125 you’re going to make a Hundred a hundred dollar commission from Each user every month that they’re with The program now one of the things I like About HPA uh there’s a couple main Things number one Is they really have a great Community Super supportive but they also have Really awesome products that they are Consist consistently and continually Adding to so it’s not like you just pay For this thing that was information from Five years ago 10 years ago and it’s not Really relevant it’s up to date and the Guys that teach it are the guys that run Home Business Academy as well as other People that are very successful In home business Academy so that’s Number one number two they have great Programs okay because sometimes you’re So what you’re really selling is an Opportunity but you’re not really there Really isn’t much else with it again Here you’re getting a legitimate funnel

Builder software that is 25 a month and So it’s a great substitute for higher Priced programs that you may have used In the past to do funnels so really Really high quality funnel Builder Program along with some great training And live coaching right you get live Coaching even at this level and you get To be part of the Facebook group even at This level and then if you decide you Also want the uh Premium plan the Traffic and conversions then you get all This traffic and conversion trainings You get the 11 different coaching Sessions throughout the week you get These bonuses and it’s just a tremendous Amount of High Level Training and and This is whether you’re promoting the Home Business Academy you know for the 80 commissions that they offer or if You’re running it totally different Online business this training applies no Matter what okay so the training is Great whether you’re using it to promote The Home Business Academy or something Been completely different the last thing I really like about this company Is that Um You know a portion of their sales goes To help providing meals right and this Is a live tracker right now they’ve been Able to you know provide over 146 000 Days of meals to kids from the people

That are using the Home Business Academy Okay Um and they they do that through a Program called Feed My Starving Children And so they they’re very focused on Helping members but also doing good for The community now let’s go back and look At an example and say you decide you Want to uh join the Home Business Academy remember they pay 80 commissions And this is really kind of unheard of Sometimes you’ll see 100 commissions on Products but those are usually like Really low ticket you know they’re seven Dollar ten dollar okay so you know That’s you know nice but 80 commissions On a recurring program is pretty unusual But a great benefit so let’s talk about Their two main products the HBA funnel Builder Um and then their HBA premium which is Their training their traffic and Conversion training so if someone Decides they want to get started with HBA they like the funnel Builder they Like the training they like some of the Coaching that’s provided that will cost Them 25 a month to join and you get 80 Commission which is a 20 per month Residual commission per user okay Um now let’s say you help 100 people get Started I know sound like a big number But it’s actually not that big well that Means if you have 100 people that are

All paying 25 a month that means you’re Going to earn two thousand dollars per Month in residual income just from People that are using this product okay Now a certain percentage will upgrade And go for the premium membership also Now you do have to be a member of each Of these yourself you need to be a Member of the funnel builder in order to Earn 80 commissions and you need to also Be a member here if you want to earn These commissions okay so if you’re only A member here then you you don’t earn These commissions unfortunately so it’s A good idea to probably join both if You’re able to and if not you know uh Just start here get some of these Commissions coming in and then upgrade When you’re able to but let’s just say Out of the hundred people That start with the funnel Builder let’s Say 30 30 of those people decide to also Join the HBA premium which is a traffic And conversion now they pay 125 dollars Per month which means you make 80 or 100 Per month per user so for those 30 People you’re going to make three Thousand dollars per month residual in Addition to what you’re making up here The 2000 says five thousand dollars five Five man five thousand dollars per month By getting these people into HBA and That’s recurring that’s ongoing and then You can you know obviously continue to

Build Um but there’s no you know downlines or Things like that it’s not any of this Crazy you know network marketing type Stuff this is just you bring people in And you get paid residual incomes as Long as they continue to pay and as long As you are continue to be a member so uh It’s a great opportunity with tons of Potential Central I’m just getting Started myself if you have any interest At all I’m going to you know click click The link in the description box below The video it’ll take you to this page Where you just go ahead and opt in put Your name put your email address click Yes give me access and it’s going to Take you to their main sales page now Here I would definitely encourage you to Go ahead and watch this entire video Before I got started this is what I did I watched the entire video Um I read through the entire sales page Okay and then anytime you’re ready to Get started then at the very bottom of The sales page You want to you know watch all the Testimonial videos you know there’s lots Of great information the FAQs read Through those And then Um if once you get to the bottom this is Where you check out and you just put Your information in your address how you

Want to pay your card number Etc now They’re going to give you this bonus Which is essentially their premium Training account uh let’s get back to That so this which is normally 125 Dollars per month you’re going to be Have a chance to get to two weeks for Free if you check that little box so I Would recommend check that little box You know go through this traffic and Conversion training for you know a Couple weeks you know you can always Cancel if you decide you don’t want to Continue on but if you’re able to Continue on I would because then you That allows you to make 80 commissions When other people start okay and so if You check that off you’ll see the total For the day is just going to be 25 which Is for the funnel Builder and you got Two free weeks of the premium training Okay and so that is is the Home Business Academy I encourage you to take a look At it it’s a fantastic opportunity they Have great products they have really Good training and they have an awesome Commission structure if you decide you Want to promote it as well and that’s The other beautiful thing yeah if you do Promote it Like I say you know I have my aweber Commissions that pay for my aweber I Have my article fours that pays from Commissions that pay for my article Ford

Software and soon I will have my own Commissions paying for my use of the Home Business Academy as I continue with It so I hope you found that helpful Reach out if you have any questions at All and I’ll be happy to answer them as I can please leave me a thumbs up if you Liked the video subscribe if you haven’t Yet and then click the link in the box Below to go and get started and look at The the sales page for the Home Business Academy thanks so much for watching I Appreciate very much

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